Diary for Sailng on Windwanderer.

Saturday 15th September 2012


Saturday 15 September 2012

Well today I have rested, I did so much yesterday and put my back out again, so decided to rest up and do some research online for all the little things we need on the boat.

The Captain and Tom have been busy all day fixing stuff so I left them too it.

 Did I find what I wanted...no way, it's crazy I want to go back home at least I can find stuff there.

So we are sitting up here on deck just resting when Rich comes over in his little boat and has a go at the captain....man what the hell is going on here, do they all have scars, on there necks?

Now Rich was here earlier in the morning nice as pie, gave me a lend of his pressure cooker and some recipe books and asked if I wanted to help him sometime next week in cutting up some food and he would show me how to bottle it and preserve it in a pressure cooker.

I said sure would love to it could come in handy on the boat.

So all was fine until this afternoon.

The Captain had to cut off some wire on the dingy which is now up in the grass near the dock as it has had it, it has a huge hole you can fit your hand through it.

He was going to take it to the dump but the owner of the whole area, Bob,  to explain it a bit, Bob owns the whole area, he is a very wealthy man, and a very nice guy, all the others just rent from him, one of Bobs many houses is here, and there are two more houses and two boat sheds kind of little cottages that anyone can use, the other two homes are rented by Rich and the looney lady.

So we have the dingy sitting in the middle, and One of Bobs workers wants it so he is coming to pick it up this weekend, and Bob is fine with it, he was there when they took it up.

But there was this security thing attached so the Captain decided to keep that but he needed to grind it off, which took a total of 5 minutes.

Well this upset Rich big time, he was going mental about working on his land....yeah I know banjos again.

The Captain was very calm and soothed all his ruffled feathers, me I was ready to take strips off him, I was so angry, and had to bite down hard on my lips to stop myself from saying a word.

Far out we can't leave this place quick enough.

Well tomorrow is another day.