Diary for Paul & Tracey's Travels

Final day in Miami and a raccoon encounter


Once again, woke up early....bugger. Anyway, last day so make the most of it. Once I had done breakfast I packed and checked out, then set off in the car to Key Biscayne, a so called paradise island. It is just south of where I have been staying and reached by a long road bridge from the main land.

There are 3 state parks on the narrow strip of land, and the small community of Key Biscayne itself which is definitely the playground of the rich and retired. There are yacht clubs, gated communities, golf clubs, and the residential streets feel like Beverley Hills.

I headed right to the south of the Island to Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park, which has several trails, lots of places to fish, and a nice preserved light house and keepers cottage right at the tip of the island. Went for a walk along the coast and around, and saw some more fascinating and tame wildlife, including some more exotic birds, and what may have been a bobcat or raccoon foraging in a litter bin.

From here I headed back north and stopped for a short while on the beach at Crandon Park. This is clearly a huge and popular recreational area for the cities residents. There are no stalls or shops selling anything along any of the beaches, instead there are lots of seats and benches and shelters from the sun provided, and families are encouraged to bring food and drink to eat or prepare on barbecues. Being Sunday afternoon, there were loads of huge family gatherings doing just that.

Lots of Spanish being spoken, and Latin music being played all added to the party atmosphere along the beach. You are as likely to hear Spanish as English being spoken in Miami.

Finally, although I was a bit early I headed to the airport in the heart of the city, and returned the hire car, which had served me well. Then it was the joys of passing the time in the airport until my flight back home. I am expecting snow when I get back....that is going to be a shock to the system. Had a great trip and would recommend Miami as a destination....but you do need a car.

UPDATE - STUCK in MIAMI ! Oil leak on plane, not leaving til tomorrow night. Been in the airport or plane for 9 hours. Need sleep.