Diary for Sailng on Windwanderer.

Sunday 11th August 2013


Sunday 11th August 2013

Day 5

Well we still have shocking seas, it is so bad and so uncomfortable.

I woke this morning in one of my pain attacks, man I hate this, I just feel like I'm dying, actually I don't think dying would be this painful, it has left me feeling very weak.

3pm my watch,

I felt better after midday, so I decided to try and clean up the galley some, when its rough like this, you try to spend as little a time as possible down there, actually you really try not to move around too much at all, as you just get thrown around so much.

Anyway The Captain tried to slow the boat down some so I could at least clean up and cook some food. We now have enough to keep us going for a few days.

The Captain decided to change coarse and sails some and as I was laying down to have a sleep he makes it go heaps faster, we had planed this as it does not bother me too much when I'm asleep.

I woke up with a start as I heard my rod clicking, I raced out, well kinda crawled out hanging on for grim death, and reel it in, to have it get away half way here, man that sucks.

I reel it all the way in, check to make sure all the rigging is still there and cast it out again. I have to get lucky sooner or later.

I get back in the cockpit, and The Captain has a funny look on his face, he says he can't believe me, all hell broke loose while I was sleeping and the back sail, chafed through, and he said you never stirred, but as soon as your rod goes off your up running...hahaha 

I guess I'm so tuned into the fishing rod, and the sails are always flapping around, so it always just back ground noise to me.
And you either have fishing in your blood or you don't, I sure do, my mum loves to fish too, so I guess I got it from her.

Well it seems like I'm in trouble or was, I managed to get the alarm set and working, actually way too well, it goes off even when it sees a big wave, and we have nothing but big waves at the moment.
So you can see the issue here, and it's so loud, so I decided to fix  it, which resulted in resetting the whole thing, :-/ and not just the radar the whole nav station, and to make it worse The Captain was about to change coarse.  :-/ :-/

 So hours later it is up running again, with the radar alarm sill sounding very very loud, although I managed to get it tuned down some so it does not freak out over nothing, which freaks us out as well, again over nothing.

And am now banned from touching the thing ....hahaha

10.30pm my watch.

Well after a few hours sleep I'm back again, we changed coarse again, are now heading west I think.

The wind has died down some so we are not moving real fast once again, 
 And then the wind picked up we were screaming along for hours, but it's so uncomfortable.

Well tomorrow is another day.