Diary for Sailng on Windwanderer.

Friday 10th October 2014


Friday 10th October 2014

Day 4


1498nm to go

I can't believe it's only day 4 it feels like we have been at it for weeks months even.

Is it any better? Just, although The Captain will say its heaps better, me it's still way too rough.
We are not getting the huge winds anymore it's sitting more at the 20-25knts but the waves man they are huge and when they hit at the wrong angle you go flying, I have lost count on how many times we have surfed right over and down these waves at one stage I looked at the speed and we were doing 10.1knts over a wave that's huge considering we average only around 5knts and that's on a good day, the last few days it's been nothing to see it hit 8knts, it's just way too fast for this old girl of a boat.

I'm slowly getting things under control, in mind, body and boat, my arm is starting to feel I little bit better, my tum is settling and so far no throwing up, so that's good.
I'm also getting a bit more sleep so that has to help, although it's only two hours or four hours here and there it's betting than nothing.

The poor Captain has suffered to and has not had a huge amount of sleep but at the moment he is snoring away across from me, so that is good.
And life goes on, I'm about to brave this roller coaster ride and go and make a cup of coffee and settle in and watch a movie and in a few hours I can go have a sleep and forget all around me for a little while at least.

Well tomorrow is another day.