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The Story of Korean War Hero John U. D. Page


There had been work to complete regarding Page, therefore he flew for you to Hamhung to be able for you to arrange pertaining to artillery support during the march. at this point, page choose to go far above his duty. There ended up being no more pertaining to him in order to do, nevertheless he decided to fly again in order to Koto-ri to become able to keep the column, disdaining the actual safety regarding Corps Artillery HQ.On the night time of December 10 because the large Marine column (1st Marine Regimental Train) together with Army Corps artillery elements moved out, page chose to remain with the rearguard elements. by early morning, the actual column had reached a new narrow pass near the village of Sudong, where it was ambushed by simply Chinese forces on both flanks.Mounting an abandoned tank Lt. Col. page manned the equipment gun, braved heavy return fire, and covered the passing vehicles until the risk diminished. Since the column got halfway through the pass, it was hit but again. Web Page took any device gun towards the hillside and also delivered efficient counter fire, remaining exposed whilst men and also vehicles passed by means of the actual ambuscade. Your column finally reached the bottom in the pass later on which day; yet safe passage was nonetheless being elusive as a new Chinese attack halted your column once more. both ends in the column had been now being hit once more by deadly small arms fire. the men had been similar to fish in a barrel. Realizing the danger towards the column because it lay motionless, Web Page fought his way to the head with the column along with urged the actual drivers to help keep moving, using your lead himself. page plus a Marine PFC, Marvin L. Wasson, jumped out in front. Putting his carbine in automatic, he along with Wasson began running before the particular column guns blazing. This was such as some thing out of the Previous West. the action stunned the particular Chinese. Suicidal actions weren't some thing these folks were expecting via American troops. They Will became disordered and suffered hefty casualties. The Actual blocking action was broken as well as the Americans had been capable of storm out in the pass. Wasson ended up being quickly wounded by an enemy grenade and also Web Page sent him back again for the column.But your Colonel had certainly not been done. He then chased following the fleeing enemy straight into Sudong. Even your Americans were stunned to acquire a moment; shocked at what they were seeing. A New soldier willing to use an M-1 carbine to consider on a platoon of Chinese troops came as getting a surprise. page disappeared down the bend inside the road. A New small amount regarding time later on as the column crept directly into Sudong, the particular Marines found Pages bullet-ridden physique flanked by dead Chinese troops. Pertaining To over a week it appeared nothing could stop this man. Despite all the death as well as destruction occurring each day, Pages death nevertheless harm the battle-hardened men, many of whom knelt beside his physique regarding prayers. His 12 times throughout combat have been this sort of whirlwind which he seemed indestructible.Page was awarded the Navy Cross inside 1951. one regarding just 28 Army men for you to obtain the award. Then his deeds became forgotten for a time. The idea was only throughout 1957 in which his actions had been brought towards the fore again. Nevertheless it took an act of Congress since of times lapse. The Particular medal had been finally awarded about April 25, 1957. Colonel Web Page can be buried inside Arlington National Cemetery, section 4, lot 2743-A-B.Postscript29 graduates regarding Princeton died inside abiterrion.com/boom-beach-hack - download boom beach hack - the Korean War. In addition to Mr. Upshur, one some other Princeton alum received the Medal associated with Honor with regard to his actions throughout the Korean War, Navy helicopter pilot John Kelvin Koelsch, class associated with 49. Lieutenant J.G. Koelsch died as a POW.Author's NoteJohn Web Page had been married using 2 youngsters in the time of his death. His wifes identify had been Margaret S. page (Wood), born 1910 within Minnesota. I haven't any various other specifics of his wife or even children. If anyone provides further details regarding Mr. page or his family, particularly any Korean War or even WWII vets that might get satisfied him, please allow me to realize as I would actually like to always be able to update the article.