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List of Main Characters in Game of Thrones


Did A Person Know?Seasons 2, 3, and the as-yet-incomplete 4 of Game involving Thrones most use a Metacritic rating regarding greater than 80.Game of Thrones, depending on George R.R. Martin's The Song regarding Ice along with Fire number of books, is the newest rage within the fantasy genre. The idea has produced becoming the fan with the fantasy genre mainstream. Along With its inimitable mixture of politics as well as human drama (peppered generously having a total great offer of violence as well as erotica), it's managed to capture an incredibly varied audience all more than the particular world.The characters inside the series have grow to become able to be global hits, with the scheming as well as sharp dwarf Tyrion Lannister being adored by millions, the particular plucky Arya Stark being a symbol for feminism, as well as Daenerys Targaryen along with your ex dragons attaining millions of fans even before the woman's 1st act of participation in the main plot.It in supplement has racked up whopping quantities in the 'casualties' section, using a amount of the key characters as well as countless others falling prey to be able to Martin's ruthless hand on the keyboard. right from Eddard Stark's shocking execution inside the Season 1 finale, the trend involving shocking the actual viewers through your death of the well-established character provides continued in to consider your lives involving (spoiler alert) his wife, eldest son, your latter's wife and unborn baby, and lots of others.The characters inside Game involving Thrones display each sort of personality possible: blind faith, naivete, cunning, ruthlessness, sadism, lecherousness (a entire large amount of that), just about all locate a location of honor within the roll call associated with Game associated with Thrones. Here is a set of your major characters within Game involving Thrones.The descriptions given below might have significant spoilers. A number Of minor characters get not necessarily been described inside detail, and also those described sufficiently inside the descriptions involving some other characters possess not really been elaborated upon.Main Characters inside Game of ThronesThis text describes the main characters based on their House, or even family. Your characters related exclusively as well as majorly with a particular residence or maybe a certain character are usually described inside their section.IndexHouse StarkEddard "Ned" StarkSpouse: Catelyn Stark (Tully)Children: Together With Lady Stark: Robb, Sansa, Arya, Brandon (Bran), Rickon; Together With Wylla (not proven within series): Jon SnowStatus: DeceasedPortrayed By: Sean BeanThe closest buddy and eventual Hand (second in command) associated with King Robert Baratheon in the start with the series, Ned Stark is actually executed around the orders regarding Robert's successorthe queen's illegitimate son, King Joffrey. His death provides the actual spark for that war between your claimants to be able to Robert Baratheon's throne.Catelyn StarkSpouse: Eddard StarkChildren: Discover 'Eddard Stark'Status: DeceasedPortrayed By: Michelle FairleyBorn Catelyn Tully, Lady Catelyn joins Robb Stark's forces as his adviser when he sets off to be able to avenge his father's death. Your Woman permits Jaime Lannister for you to escape from incarceration in Robb's camp, because of for you to his guarantee which he would assist the woman's daughters, Sansa and also Arya, within escaping coming from King's Landing (the richesse associated with Westeros). Lady Stark will be killed inside the Red Wedding, a new massacre caused through Robb breaking the guarantee for you to among his allies of marrying his daughter.Robb StarkSpouse: Talisa Stark (Maegyr)Children: Unborn youngster killed together with Lady TalisaStatus: DeceasedPortrayed By: Richard MaddenAfter Ned Stark's execution, Robb Stark, now titled the 'King within the North', leads any charge involving Northern armies and the allies in direction of King's Landing. He makes excellent progress, winning numerous battles on the trot, along with becoming a genuine threat for the kingdom. He falls throughout adore and marries Lady Talisa, thus breaking his guarantee for you to among his vassals to be able to marry his daughter. He is killed inside the Red Wedding, any massacre created as revenge with regard to his marriage to become able to Lady Talisa.Sansa StarkSpouse: Engaged to be able to Joffrey Baratheon, engagement broken; Tyrion LannisterChildren: NoneStatus: AlivePortrayed By: Sophie TurnerA picture regarding archetypical femininity, Sansa Stark is engaged for you to Joffrey. Although the lady can be initially happy at the proposal, since it might allow the woman's to live out the woman's dream existence like a princess, Joffrey renegades about his promise to let your ex father live, and then constantly abuses your ex through a variety of means. Within the next season, Joffrey breaks off his engagement to Sansa to ensure that he may marry Margaery Tyrell, along with Sansa is actually instructed to marry Tyrion Lannister.Arya StarkSpouse: NAChildren: NoneStatus: AlivePortrayed By: Maisie WilliamsThe exact opposite of the girl sister Sansa, Arya Stark will be the typical tomboy, and it is disinterested throughout 'womanly' things, instead being interested to learn swordplay. The Lady is extremely close to the woman's brother Robb and also half-brother Jon Snowparticularly the particular latter. after Ned Stark's death, the girl is actually protected in the King's men simply by 1st the woman's fencing instructor, Syrio Forel, and then Yorel, a recruiter for your Night's Watch. Yorel conceals the girl as an orphan boy named Arry, and smuggles your ex into the Night's Watch recruits, hoping in order to offload the woman's throughout Winterfell once they pass in which way. The Girl is captured by simply Tywin Lannister, but escapes his encampment and finally joins forces together with Sandor Clegane, whom protects her from the massacre within the Red Wedding.Bran StarkSpouse: NAChildren: NoneStatus: AlivePortrayed By: Isaac Hempstead-WrightAdventurous along with adept at climbing walls, Bran will be thrown off a high tower by Jamie Lannister, when he happens upon Jamie and also Queen Cersei engaging within their incestuous relationship, along with winds up crippled in the hips, and also with no memory in the accident. When Robb Stark initiates in the direction of King's Landing, Bran gets Lord associated with Winterfell, yet can be instructed to go into hiding when Theon Greyjoy captures Winterfell. along with Hodor (Kristian Nairn), a man which carries him around about his back, Rickon (Art Parkinson), as well as Osha (Natalia Tena), the wildling, Bran sets off in the particular direction of your North Wall to meet Jon Snow. Upon your way, he realizes which he is really a warg, and can project himself in in order to the thoughts involving his direwolf.Jojen as well as Meera ReedSpouse: NAChildren: NoneStatus: Deceased along with alive, respectedlyPortrayed By: Thomas Sangster and also Ellie KendrickJojen and Meera Reed would end up being the son as well as daughter, respectively, associated with Eddard Stark's outdated friend, Lord Howland Reed. That They join Bran inside his northward travel, along with Jojen helps him acquire control over his abilities like a warg. He in addition tells Bran to check past the North Wall for the three-eyed raven, which in turn has been appearing throughout Bran's dreams. Jojen, Meera, as well as Hodor go with Bran at night Wall, although Osha and also Rickon go to a city referred to be able to as last Hearth.Rickard KarstarkSpouse: Not Really shownChildren: Harrion, Torrhen, Eddard, as well as AlysStatus: DeceasedPortrayed By: Steven Blount (Season 1), John Stahl (Season 2 and also 3)Distant relatives of the Starks, the actual Karstark house will be among the first to end up being able to rally to become able to Robb Stark's call to arms. However, Robb's honorable remedy of Jaime Lannister, and also Lady Catelyn's aid in the escape with the hated Jaime, sour relations between your two. When Karstark men kill a few captured Lannisters in revenge, he could be executed by Robb.Maester LuwinSpouse: NAChildren: NoneStatus: DeceasedPortrayed By: Donald SumpterThe Maester of Winterfell, Maester Luwin stays powering together with Bran when Robb rides out in order to battle. While Theon Greyjoy captures Winterfell, he stays to guide him, however can be stabbed trying to persuade the actual Ironborn (Theon's clan) never to sack and destroy Winterfell. He can always be found dying by Bran's party, and the man asks Osha to end his life, a new request which the lady obliges to once out of sight with the boys.Rodrik CasselSpouse: NAChildren: NoneStatus: DeceasedPortrayed By: Ron DonachieThe Master-at-Arms involving Winterfell, Rodrik Cassell is in charge with the defense associated with Winterfell when Lady Catelyn goes with Robb's army. He is actually instructed by simply Bran to repel your forces of the Ironborn, led by Theon Greyjoy, at Torrhen's Square. Meanwhile, Theon captures Winterfell, along with executes Ser Rodrik personally.Jaqen H'gharSpouse: NAChildren: NoneStatus: AlivePortrayed By: Tom WlaschihaA member of your Faceless Men, Jaqen meets Arya Stark throughout Yoren's recruits. He helps her kill a pair of men associated with the girl choice, like a repayment of her saving him and two other people from a fire, after which assists the woman's escape Tywin Lannister's encampment in Harrenhal. Later, he magically changes his identity, nevertheless tells Arya the method to locate him if your woman needs.House LannisterTywin LannisterSpouse: Joanna LannisterChildren: Cersei, Jamie, TyrionStatus: DeceasedPortrayed By: Charles DanceThe patriarch regarding house Lannister, Tywin has been your Hand of the King for the Mad King Aerys II, and also will always be the Warden with the West. Following Joffrey's coronation, Tywin gets Hand in the King when again. He plans the particular massacre with the Starks inside the Red Wedding, and orders the wedding associated with Tyrion along with Sansa Stark too as Cersei along with Loras Tyrell. He orders his son Tyrion's execution on charges involving regicide, yet Tyrion escapes your prison using help coming from his brother Jaime, and Tywin is killed by his son in the season 4 finale.Tyrion LannisterSpouse: Sansa StarkChildren: NoneStatus: AlivePortrayed By: Peter DinklageA scheming, perceptive, clever, ruthless, but kindhearted dwarf, Tyrion can be despised by simply his father Tywin, since his mother died giving birth to be able to him. He is later on sent simply by Tywin to act within his capacity as Hand in the King, along with conducts the actual successful defense associated with King's Landing against Stannis Baratheon's forces. Following having the credit score for your victory taken from him, as well as removed through his post following the arrival of Tywin at King's Landing, he's forced to marry Sansa, the heir to Winterfell and the Kingdom of the North.Cersei LannisterSpouse: Robert BaratheonChildren: None coming from Robert Baratheon; Joffrey, Myrcella, as well as Tommen via Jaime LannisterStatus: AlivePortrayed By: Lena HeadeyThe power-hungry queen of Westeros, Cersei had been married to end up being able to King Robert Baratheon to end up being able to become able to strengthen the ties between both houses. The Lady may be through an incestuous affair using the girl twin brother Jaime for a long time, and many types of regarding the woman's 3 children are fathered by Jaime. she rules as Queen Regent when Joffrey becomes King, a predicament caused by the girl quick as well as ruthless disposition of Ned Stark's claims. Later, the girl influence is greatly reduced by simply the girl father, Tywin, and your man orders her in order to marry Loras Tyrell, the brother regarding Joffrey's wife.Jaime LannisterSpouse: NAChildren: Discover 'Cersei Lannister'Status: AlivePortrayed By: Nikolaj Coster-WaldauThe twin brother as well as lover associated with Cersei Lannister, Jaime Lannister is famous since the 'Kingslayer', since it was he which killed The Particular Mad King. He is actually one of the particular very best swordsmen throughout Westeros. He is actually captured by simply Robb Stark's forces, however will be later released simply by Lady Catelyn after he promises to assist your ex daughters get away from King's Landing. About your method to King's Landing along with Brienne of Tarth, which keeps upon eye upon him for Lady Catelyn, his sword-wielding hand is cut off by means of a violent man-at-arms known as Locke.Joffrey BaratheonSpouse: Engaged to always be able to Sansa Stark, engagement broken; Margaery TyrellChildren: NoneStatus: DeceasedPortrayed By: Jack GleesonThe son of Queen Cersei along with Jaime Lannister, Joffrey gets to be king following the death associated with Robert Baratheon. From first, he promises in order to spare Ned Stark's life when the latter renounced his claims with regards to Joffrey's proper towards the throne, accepted Joffrey as King, and confessed to becoming the traitor. However, he then offers him executed right after extracting your confession, setting the others with the series within motion. He will be spoilt, aggressive, and also sadistic, yet any coward when he provides to manage people stronger compared to him. Following Renly Baratheon's death, he accepts the supply through house Tyrell of marrying the now-widowed Margaey Tyrell; at the wedding, he is fatally poisoned.Sandor CleganeSpouse: NAChildren: NoneStatus: AlivePortrayed By: Rory McCannKnown because the 'Hound', Sandor Clegane will always be the private bodyguard of King Joffrey, nevertheless leaves his services after his fear of fires (the right side associated with his confront has been burned when he was young) is actually exposed during the battle against Stannis Baratheon's army. He can be brutal and very strong, but also compassionate, usually searching pertaining to Sansa when Joffrey desires to abuse her. He finds Arya Stark, and keeps the woman's safe from your Stark massacre.Gregor CleganeSpouse: NAChildren: NoneStatus: AlivePortrayed By: Conan Stevens (Season 1), Ian Whyte (Season 2), Hafr Jlus Bjrnsson (Season 4)Known as 'The Mountain that Rides', Gregor Clegane is the elder brother regarding Sandor Clegane, and can become a large and also ferocious knight using a widespread track record of cruelty and negative temper. He is accountable for Sandor's encounter wound. He commanded the actual castle involving Harrenhal, yet will be defeated simply by Edmure Tully, and escapes towards the Westerlands.ShaeSpouse: NAChildren: NoneStatus: DeceasedPortrayed By: Sibel KekilliTyrion Lannister falls in enjoy with Shae, a new prostitute, when he will come across her in an encampment. The Girl reciprocates his feelings, along with comes with him for you to King's Landing, exactly where he keeps the woman's safe by simply having the woman's appointed as Sansa Stark's handmaiden. The Girl doesn't leave King's Landing even when Tyrion marries Sansa, yet he eventually succeeds when an individual get her to depart as well as protect herself simply by lying concerning his feelings to always be able to her, claiming he in simply no way truly loved her. Following realizing that will Shae has been hired through Tywin for you to spy about him, Tyrion kills the woman's just before killing Tywin.BronnSpouse: NAChildren: NoneStatus: AlivePortrayed By: Jerome FlynnA sellsword (mercenary) in the employ regarding Tyrion Lannister, Bronn serves since the Commander of the city Watch although Tyrion is within charge, and is knighted when Tywin Lannister returns. He is the closest confidante associated with Tyrion, apart from Shae.Lancel LannisterSpouse: NAChildren: NoneStatus: AlivePortrayed By: Eugene SimonLancel is the son associated with Kevan Lannister, Tywin Lannister's younger brother. Any time Jaime is out of King's Landing, Cersei initiates an affair with him. Tyrion discovers your affair, and also blackmails Lancel straight into spying in Cersei with regard to him.Podrick PayneSpouse: NAChildren: NoneStatus: AlivePortrayed By: Daniel PortmanPayne is Tyrion's squire. He saved Tyrion's existence throughout the attack in King's Landing, and it is thus trustworthy through Tyrion.House TargaryenThis section in addition handles the actual important figures one associated with the Dothraki tribe, too because the folks encountered by simply Daenerys Targaryen in her own journey to Westeros.Daenerys TargaryenSpouse: (Khal) DrogoChildren: Rhaego (Sacrificed although unborn)Status: AlivePortrayed By: Emilia ClarkeThe last surviving heir of Aerys the particular Mad King (and thus, your rightful heir for the throne), Daenerys can be forced to marry the particular warlord (Khal) of the Dothraki tribe, Khal Drogo, in order that her brother could make use regarding the Dothraki army to get your Iron Throne regarding Westeros. Following Drogo's death, Daenerys leads the actual Dothraki in direction of Westeros, gathering mercenaries over the way, mainly credited for the respect and concern commanded by your ex 3 dragons, Drogon, Viserion, as well as Rhaegal. The Actual dragons had been gifted in order to the girl inside the type of supposedly petrified eggs, as well as had been hatched within the funeral pyre of Khal Drogo.Viserys TargaryenSpouse: NAChildren: NoneStatus: DeceasedPortrayed By: Harry LloydThe elder brother associated with Daenerys as well as claimant to the Iron Throne, Viserys married off his sister in order to Khal Drogo so as to utilize Drogo's savage army to become able to gain the actual charge of Westeros. He has been abusive and dominating in your direction of his sister, along with greedy and vain otherwise. He threatened in order to get rid associated with the pregnant Daenerys unless he was given power over Drogo's army, for you to that Drogo responded simply by giving him a new 'golden crown': Drogo had Viserys killed by simply pouring molten gold over his head.Jorah MormontSpouse: NAChildren: NoneStatus: AlivePortrayed By: Iain GlenA knight exiled through King's Landing, Ser Jorah was obviously a faithful guardian and advisor regarding Viserys Targaryen, as well as served Daenerys following her brother's death. Although this hasn't been explicitly acknowledged through virtually any character, he could be understood to be deeply inside love with Daenerys, and it is the girl the majority of reliable adviser as the initial knight associated with her Queensguard.Khal DrogoSpouse: Daenerys TargaryenChildren: Notice 'Daenerys Targaryen'Status: DeceasedPortrayed By: Jason MomoaThe fierce, powerful, yet noble warlord with the Dothraki, Khal Drogo marries Daenerys as becoming a political arrangement, but grows for you to respect as well as enjoy the woman's credited to her spirit and also charitable behavior. He is injured in a fight using a rival chieftain, and also eventually ends up with a life-threatening wound. Daenerys employs a new witch-doctor to stop Khal, nevertheless she tricks Daenerys in to sacrificing the life involving the girl unborn youngster with regard to that relating to Khal's, and then leaves Khal inside a brain-dead state as revenge upon your cruel Dothraki. Daenerys ends his lifestyle out of pity, and hatches the woman's dragon eggs throughout his funeral pyre by walking to the fire along with almost all the eggs.Pyat PreeSpouse: NAChildren: NoneStatus: DeceasedPortrayed By: Ian HanmorePyat Pree is a warlock within the city of Qarth, along with kidnaps Daenerys' dragons to become able to lure your ex in in order to the magical Residence of the Undying. He will be killed when Daenerys tells her dragons to breathe fire from him, displaying the actual stronger nature of the woman's magic.Xaro Xhoan DaxosSpouse: NAChildren: NoneStatus: DeceasedPortrayed By: Nonso AnozieXaro granted Daenerys entry directly into Qarth when the other members involving Qarth's council seemed disinclined to allow her in. He attempted to woo her, and then produce a company proposal of a marriage in exchange in the ships Daenerys needed to sail to Westeros. He along with Pyat Pree conspired in order to kill the rest in the councilmen. When his boasts regarding his wealth were proven to be false, Daenerys offers him along with the woman's treacherous companion Doreah killed simply by locking them in his empty vault.Barristan SelmySpouse: NAChildren: NoneStatus: AlivePortrayed By: Ian McElhinneyOne of the very famous and also respected knights inside Westeros, Barristan Selmy is the Lord Commander with the Kingsguard until relieved associated with his responsibilities by simply Joffrey. considering his dismissal any personal insult, since the particular Kingsguard is supposed for you to serve for life, Selmy joins Daenerys like a member of her Queensguard.Daario NaharisSpouse: NAChildren: NoneStatus: AlivePortrayed By: Ed Skrein (Season 3), Michiel Huisman (Season 4)Naharis had been the particular third-ranking leader in the 2nd Sons, an organization of mercenaries. He kills his a couple of superiors and, taking control of the 2nd Sons, pledges allegiance to Daenerys.Grey WormSpouse: NAChildren: NoneStatus: AlivePortrayed By: Jacob AndersonGrey Worm will always be the leader of the Unsullied, an army regarding eunuch soldiers recruited by simply Daenerys. The Actual Unsullied joined Daenerys' cause after the girl bought them coming from Kraznys mo Nakloz, then had them kill their former masters, and had the woman's dragon burn Kraznys. Although the girl offers them the best to always be able to discard what they might be called given in their particular mind by their particular captors, he sticks together with 'Grey Worm', since it was his name when Daenerys freed him.MissandeiSpouse: NAChildren: NoneStatus: AlivePortrayed By: Nathalie EmmanuelA gifted polyglot, Missandei is really a slave of Kraznys mo Nakloz. In The Actual Program Of the particular trade of the Unsullied, Daenerys insists on Kraznys providing Missandei to be able to the girl like a gift.Kovarro, Rakharo, and IrriSpouse: NAChildren: NoneStatus: Alive, deceased, along with deceased, respectivelyPortrayed By: Steven Cole, Elyes Gabel, and Amrita Acharia, resp.Kovarro and also Rakharo are generally Dothraki bloodriders sworn to always be able to protect Daenerys, whilst Irri will be your ex Dothraki maid. while stuck in the desert Red Waste, Daenerys sends Kovarro along with Rakharo to find help. Whilst Kovarro is effective in discovering Qarth, Rakharo can be presumably killed by a rival Khal, and the head is sent back alongside with his horse. Irri is actually killed through Doreah when the latter steals Daenerys' dragons.House BaratheonRobert BaratheonSpouse: Cersei LannisterChildren: see 'Cersei Lannister'Status: DeceasedPortrayed By: Mark AddyThe eldest one regarding the three Baratheon brothers, and the main instigator in the rebellion contrary to the Mad King, Robert Baratheon may always be the King of Westeros (King in the Seven Kingdoms) from the start in the series. He is unaware of his queen's relationship using the woman's brother, and also thinks the girl youngsters are fathered by simply him. He is killed by a wild boar within a hunt, prompting Cersei for you to install Joffrey as the King along with arrest Ned Stark.Stannis BaratheonSpouse: Selyse BaratheonChildren: ShireenStatus: AlivePortrayed By: Stephen DillaneThe younger brother associated with Robert, Stannis will be the rightful heir to Robert's throne, and it is convinced associated with this with a priestess with the God R'hllor, Melisandre. He gains the particular armies regarding his younger brother, Renly, when the latter will be killed by a shadow demon. His attack on King's Landing will be thwarted, yet he could be convinced to maintain fighting simply by Melisandre. Later, he shifts his armies towards the North thanks to the developing threat of White Walkers and wildlings.MelisandreSpouse: NAChildren: None; offers birth into a shadow demonStatus: AlivePortrayed By: Carice van HoutenThe enigmatic and many trusted advisor associated with Stannis Baratheon, Melisandre can always be a magically effective priestess in the God R'hllor. In spite of the actual misgivings of many involving Stannis' advisers, he will continue to trust her. The Girl offers birth to a shadow demon, that then mysteriously kills Renly Baratheon, getting rid of any significant claimant to the throne along with possessor of certainly one of your largest armies throughout Westeros. she advises Stannis for you to emphasis about the threat from your North.Davos SeaworthSpouse: Not Necessarily shownChildren: MatthosStatus: AlivePortrayed By: Liam CunninghamA former smuggler and also one of one in the most trusted advisers regarding Stannis Baratheon, Davos Seaworth leads Stannis' navy inside the Battle of the Blackwater, Stannis' attack upon King's Landing, together with assist coming from his pirate friend, Salladhor Saan (Lucian Msamati). His son is actually killed in the battle, and, when he attempts to attack Melisandre inside revenge, he could be imprisoned. Stannis orders his death, yet Melisandre convinces him for you to reverse his decision, and also Davos joins Stannis throughout his charge to the North Wall.Renly BaratheonSpouse: Margaery TyrellChildren: NoneStatus: DeceasedPortrayed By: Gethin AnthonyThe youngest with the Baratheon brothers, Renly is actually a generous, flamboyant, and jovial king, who's well-known within his realm. He will be secretly homosexual, and has a relationship with his wife's brother. Renly, who has a larger army when compared with Stannis, is approximately to be able to attack the actual latter's base, when he could be killed through Melisandre's shadow demon. after his death, his bannermen along with the majority of his soldiers join Stannis' army, and his awesome wife along with the woman's brother be any component of the particular Lannister camp.Thoros involving MyrSpouse: NAChildren: NoneStatus: AlivePortrayed By: Paul KayeA priest of the same religion as Melisandre, Thoros is a essential part of the actual Brotherhood With Out Banners, headed by Beric Dondarrion (Richard Dormer). He offers resurrected Dondarrion with his magical powers numerous times, credited to become able to tooldownload.net/realm-of-the-mad-god-hack-rotmg-hack - Realm Of The Mad God cheats - which the particular Brotherhood has been capable of amass as well as sustain power. He finds Arya, Gendry, and Hot Pie (Ben Hawkey), and also sells Gendry for you to Melisandre.GendrySpouse: NAChildren: NoneStatus: AlivePortrayed By: Joe DempsieAn unacknowledged illegitimate son involving Robert Baratheon, Gendry joins your recruits towards the Night's Watch with Yoren. He gets in order to be a pal and also protector involving 'Arry', even though he understands the girl secret. Melisandre later on captures him and informs him with regards to his lineage, intending to end up being able to sacrifice him regarding much better luck to Stannis' army. Davos Seaworth, then in prison himself, assists Gendry escape.House BoltonRoose BoltonSpouse: Initial wife certainly not named; Walda Bolton (Frey)Children: Domeric through first wife, Ramsay Snow via unknown womanStatus: AlivePortrayed By: Michael McElhattonAn unreliable and also cunning vassal of Residence Stark, Bolton, the Lord in the Dreadfort, joins Walder Frey inside carrying out your massacre within the Red Wedding; he kills Robb Stark himself. Regarding his component in the massacre, he's named Warden of the North by simply Tywin Lannister. Bolton additionally sends his illegitimate son, Ramsay Snow to consider Winterfell from your Greyjoy invasion.Ramsay Snow/Ramsay BoltonSpouse: NAChildren: NoneStatus: AlivePortrayed By: Iwan RheonRamsay Snow, the particular vicious along with cunning illegitimate son associated with Roose Bolton, takes Winterfell, and also captures and also horrifically tortures Theon Greyjoy. He eventually castrates Theon, as well as forces him being his servant. His father eventually makes him a real Bolton.House TyrellMargaery TyrellSpouse: Renly Baratheon, widowed; Joffrey Baratheon, widowedChildren: NoneStatus: AlivePortrayed By: Natalie DormerAn incredibly ambitious as well as driven woman, Margaery marries Renly Baratheon within an try to hyperlink her Residence towards the strongest claimant towards the Iron Throne, despite the fact that the lady understands about Renly's sexuality. Following Renly's death, she and your ex brother be component of Residence Lannister, as well as her provide in order to marry King Joffrey is actually accepted.Loras TyrellSpouse: Engaged to be able to Cersei LannisterChildren: NoneStatus: AlivePortrayed By: Finn JonesThe secret lover involving Renly Baratheon ahead involving the latter's death, Loras can be engaged in order to Cersei Lannister, upon the particular orders involving Lord Tywin.Olenna RedwyneSpouse: Certainly Not shownChildren: Mace TyrellStatus: AlivePortrayed By: Diana RiggThe female edition associated with Tywin Lannister, Lady Olenna, Margaery and Loras' grandmother, is the effective matriarch involving Residence Tyrell. The Lady plans to possess Loras wed Sansa and also Margaery wed Joffrey, but the girl first strategy can be foiled simply by Lord Tywin. Olenna will be remarkably progressive, insofar as the lady is actually ok along with Loras' sexuality, as well as promotes your inclusion of women throughout politics, both in just about any other case openly condemned by various characters in the series.House TullyEdmure TullySpouse: Roslin Tully (Frey)Children: NoneStatus: AlivePortrayed By: Tobias MenziesThe younger brother of Catelyn Stark and also Lord regarding Riverrun, Edmure Tully is truly a loyal Stark vassal. He unwittingly spoils Robb Stark's plan to destroy the particular Lannister forces pertaining to good, along with to produce up with regard to it, agrees in order to marry Roslin Frey, among Walder Frey's daughters. His marriage will always be the setting for your Stark massacre, and is referred for you to as Red Wedding. after your Starks are generally killed, Edmure is actually held prisoner through the Freys.Brynden TullySpouse: NAChildren: NoneStatus: AlivePortrayed By: Clive RussellBrynden Tully will always be the uncle of Lady Catelyn, Lord Edmure, along with Lady Lysa Arryn. He survives the particular Red Wedding cull, totally simply by accident.House FreyWalder FreySpouse: Not Really shownChildren: over 100 youngsters from wives along with mistressesStatus: AlivePortrayed By: David BradleyDespite appearing throughout just 3 episodes with the series, Walder Frey can be certainly one of its most significant characters, since it is his daughter whom Robb Stark had promised to always be able to marry. Frey will always be the Lord with the Twins, any set of interconnected and also heavily fortified castles that maintain huge strategic importance. Whenever Robb Stark breaks his guarantee along with marries Lady Talisa, Frey conspires using the Lannisters, as well as brings about the killing associated with Robb, his wife, and the mother. A Pair Of involving his sons, Lothar as well as 'Black' Walder Frey, kill Lady Talisa along with Lady Catelyn, respectively. He is rewarded through the Lannisters, however the reputation of his house is tarnished.House GreyjoyTheon GreyjoySpouse: NAChildren: NoneStatus: AlivePortrayed By: Alfie AllenSon associated with Balon Greyjoy (Patrick Malahide) and brother involving Yara Greyjoy, Theon was taken hostage simply by house Stark right after an unsuccessful rebellion from the Greyjoys against Robert Baratheon, with all the threat he will be killed if the Greyjoys rebelled again. When Robb sends him towards the Iron Islands to forge an alliance with his personal House, he betrays Robb and captures Winterfell. He is, throughout turn, betrayed simply by his or even the woman's own men, then captured through Ramsay Bolton.Yara GreyjoySpouse: NAChildren: NoneStatus: AlivePortrayed By: Gemma WhelanA strong, forceful woman who commands her really own ship, Yara would go to Winterfell following Theon captures it, to attempt to persuade him to let go along with retreat. Any time Theon can be tortured by Ramsay Snow, Yara will take your 50 greatest killers one involving the Ironborn, and requires her own ship, hoping in order to rescue Theon.Court Officials inside King's LandingPetyr BaelishSpouse: Lysa ArynnChildren: NoneStatus: AlivePortrayed By: Aidan GillenKnown as 'Littlefinger', Lord Baelish will be the Master associated with Coin throughout King's Landing. He is very great at manipulating people, and also features a massive network of spies. He brings in regards for you to the alliance between the Lannisters and the Tyrells, along with plays any important portion inside Ned Stark's death. He receives the particular castle regarding Harrenhal via Lord Tywin, and proceeds for you to wed Lysa Arryn, the actual widow regarding Jon Arryn as well as sister regarding Catelyn and also Edmure Tully.VarysSpouse: NAChildren: NoneStatus: AlivePortrayed By: Conleth HillA eunuch and a master spy, Lord Varys will always be the much-feared Master of Whisperers (the royal spymaster) with King's Landing. He includes a much higher feeling of honor compared to other court ministers, meeting Ned Stark in his cell to persuade him to just accept Joffrey's provide associated with pardon, as well as telling Tyrion Lannister that he is the true hero in the Battle in the Blackwater, although he could not have the credit score pertaining to it.RosSpouse: NAChildren: NoneStatus: DeceasedPortrayed By: Esm BiancoRos is a prostitute which manages among Lord Baelish's brothels throughout King's Landing. she can be confused pertaining to Shae along with beaten by simply Cersei's men in order to teach Tyrion the lesson. Following this, the girl spies on Baelish regarding Varys, but when Baelish finds this out, he provides her killed.Grand Maester PycelleSpouse: NAChildren: NoneStatus: AlivePortrayed By: Julian GloverThe Grand Maester with the Seven Kingdoms, Pycelle can end up being a spy with regard to Cersei, and helps the woman's obtain rid involving Ned Stark. Tyrion areas Pycelle inside prison for any while, wanting to be able to avoid exactly the same fate as Lord Eddard, nevertheless Cersei overrules Tyrion and releases Pycelle.Night's WatchJon SnowSpouse: NAChildren: NoneStatus: AlivePortrayed By: Kit HaringtonThe illegitimate son involving Ned Stark, Jon Snow joins the Night's Watch. He continues the mission beyond the Wall, and will be also seduced by a wildling, Ygritte, but eventually escapes along with returns towards the Night's Watch. Many fans possess speculated about his significance for the series according to certain sections associated with George R.R. Martin's textbooks who have not necessarily been shown inside the TV series; based about the literature, he may not be Ned Stark's son at all. Your schedule for that speculation can be absent within the TV series.Jeor MormontSpouse: Not Really shownChildren: JorahStatus: DeceasedPortrayed By: James CosmoAshamed by his son Jorah's defection, Jeor Mormont joins the particular Night's Watch, as well as will become the 997th Lord Commander in the Night's Watch in the start with the series. He makes Jon Snow his steward, to always be able to be able to groom him as getting a future Lord Commander. He dies in the mutiny in Craster's Keep. His death is the signal for your Maester of the Night's Watch to deliver out ravens to all as well as any kingdoms inside Westeros, asking for assist in defeating the actual impending invasion coming from beyond the wall.Samwell TarlySpouse: NAChildren: NoneStatus: AlivePortrayed By: John BradleyDisowned by simply his father simply because he could be certainly not brave, Sam gets for you to be Jon Snow's best friend within the Night's Watch. Though he could be not necessarily cut out to become a warrior, he's well study and it has immense knowledge regarding different topics, particularly the lore and myths of Westeros. He witnesses the actual march with the White Walkers in direction of the kingdoms associated with Westeros. He falls for Gilly, certainly 1 of Craster's daughter-wives, and helps the woman's escape together using her newborn son.Beyond the particular North WallCrasterSpouse: His own daughters, only 1 named: GillyChildren: Merely one named: GillyStatus: DeceasedPortrayed By: Robert PughOne in the few wildlings who has a permanent residence at night North Wall, Craster will be the sole ally for that Night's Watch, yet his brash and repulsive naturel helps to create the relationship uncomfortable. He keeps their own daughters as his wives, along with sacrifices his newborn sons to always be able to White Walkers. He is killed when he goads members of the Night's Watch about his or her defeat for you to White Walkers, and also mocks their own fallen comrades.GillySpouse: CrasterChildren: SamStatus: AlivePortrayed By: Hannah MurrayGilly is actually among Craster's daughter-wives, as well as features a son along with him. Samwell Tarley falls deeply within love with her, so helping the woman's escape with the woman's newborn son after Craster's death. The Girl names the woman's son Sam.Mance RayderSpouse: DallaChildren: NoneStatus: AlivePortrayed By: Ciarn HindsOnce the person in the actual Night's Watch, Mance Rayder joined the particular wildlings for you to end up becoming the 'King Beyond the particular Wall'.YgritteSpouse: NAChildren: NoneStatus: DeceasedPortrayed By: Rose LeslieA wildling captured by means of a team of the Night's Watch, Ygritte manages to lead Jon in to always be able to a trap. Later, your woman seduces him and also falls for him. Your Woman dies in Jon's arms during Mance Rayder's attack about Castle Black.Image Gallery