Diary for Sailng on Windwanderer.

Day 43 passage to Trinidad Friday 11th March 2016


Day 43 Passage to Trinidad Friday 11th March 2016


Position 08°59'N. 055°40'W

Speed 5.3kts Winds 16kts.

Well again no storms, although we have had a few clouds around just nothing threatening.
The wind has changed direction and we are now back on a following sea, which settles the boat down a lot.

I have been waiting for this to happen for weeks, but sadly the different movement has made me seasick, which sucks big time.

I'm still on my cleaning and sorting crusade, and man is the place in serious need of it.
As I'm rearranging lockers and such, I'm giving them all a good clean, some are full of mildew, these I have to clean with bleach and it's hard when you can't reach to the back or bottom of some of the lockers, I actually have to climb almost all the way in to clean them.

Than I get to the dinette lockers, the first two closest to the front of the boat were quite good, but the next three, OMG, I opened the cover and was hit with a diesel smell.
It appears that this was another thing that happened when we had the almost knock down in that big storm.

There is always water, diesel that spills out of the tanks and old oil, in the bottom of the bilge, always has been we try to clean it out often but it's really just a waste of time.
Well because we were heeled over so far and bouncing all over the place, all this dirty water, oil and diesel has ended up in these three locker.
How it actually got there is a mystery, it just goes to show how far over we were and the forces of the ocean.

So the first one has cans of food in it, all in clip lock back well these were all covered in the muck, even inside the bags, man the smell was enough to make me sick, and having to climb over the table and stuck in a corner with the boat rocking and extreme heat was not pleasant I can tell you.
I had to empty it all out throw away all the bags wash all the cans, clean out the locker again with bleach and repack it all.
Than the next was filled with packets of rice and pasta, these were also in clip lock bags and each was double bagged.
Most of this had to be thrown away as it had actually got into the food itself.
The last locker was not quite as bad but still, it was hard to clean it out.
This one is a long locker and I can never get to the back of it, so I had to climb in and clean this one.

Man I had a mess I was at it for over seven hours and totally exhausted, and sweating like crazy.
But at least that part is done.

By the time night time came I was so sick, I think from the smells the heat and the movement that I did throw up dinner, but felt a little better after it.

Well tomorrow is another day.