Diary for Sailng on Windwanderer.

Day 44 passage to Trinidad Saturday 12th March 2016


Day 44 Passage to Trinidad Saturday 12th March 2016


Position 10°03N. 057°33'W

Speed 6.2kts winds 11.6kts

Well today was another cleaning day and tidying and sorting stuff, it sure is hard work trying to do all this in a rocking boat and extreme heat.
I only did this till lunch time than had a little rest, as I knew I had to get some cooking done sometime today.

The Captain has been busy navigating and working out times and currents and stuff as we get ever so closer to Trinidad.

I decided to make some more cinnamon scrolls and a large pizza, but for the life of me I could not find the recipes I used last time, so who knows how they will turn out and we have very little ingredients left. 

I had little hope of any good coming out of this, but they turned out OK, not as good as last time but The Captain was happy with it.

The pizza had canned chicken, black olives, onion and cheese, sounds great hey....haha but  I made some sour cream to go with it as it was a bit dry and actually was not too bad.

And the scrolls well considering they were made with no fresh eggs only powdered, no fresh butter only powered and also powdered milk, yeah things are looking lean on this here boat, you could eat them, they did not rise real good but they were ok.
We really can't wait to get to land to get some fresh stuff again.

We still have a very rough ocean with massive waves and a fair amount of the day we have been dodging storm clouds lucky we did not get hit by any.

Well tomorrow is another day.