Diary for Sailng on Windwanderer.

Day 45 passage to Trinidad Sunday 13th March 2016


Day 45 passage to Trinidad Sunday 13th March 2016


Position 10°54'N. 059°27'W

Well we have gone mad, after all this time at sea we are now close to Trinidad and what do we do? We turn around and go backwards.

Well there is a method in are madness as we are only 85nm off the tip of Trinidad, but we have to go around the top and come in the other side.

Once we reach the tip we still have about 60 odd nautical miles to go, we need to get to the top of the other side on daylight, so we are now really just killing time.
We decided to do a dog leg, and go down the coast a bit than we will turn back up in daylight and continue on.

This is a good plan well so The Captain thinks, but now we have to make sure we don't hit any offshore oil platforms, and also an area around the platforms as it says on the chart plotter that it's an Aerial Gunnery Area, I guess they don't want anyone getting close to the platforms.
I just did a rough count on the chart plotter and their are 32 oil platforms on this side and the other side there has to be at least over 100 although we will not be sailing anywhere near the ones on the other side.
We have never ever been in a area with so many platforms it's crazy.

Yeah it's a bit of a worry, not only am I keeping a close watch on that area, but we have ships all over the place and to top it all off we are now coming into serious pirate area.

There was a guy living here that told us by email that when we get close to the coastline to let him know and he will notify the coastguard and they will patrol the area we are sailing into.

Well The Captain emailed him tonight and we just got one back now saying that he has sold his boat 4 weeks ago and is now in Hawaii, thats just wonderful he did say he would email someone else so who knows what's going to happen.

Well tomorrow is another day.