Diary for My many short trips



A few facts and figures from my trip

Nights: 14

Countries visited: 3, 1 twice

Flights taken: 6

Highest altitude: 3,989m

Highest temperature: 44 degrees

The national flag of Bhutan is divided diagonally into two halves. The upper yellow half signifies the secular power and authority of the King. The lower orange half signifies the practice of religion and the power of Buddhism. The dragon represents “Druk”, the local name of the country whilst the white colour represents purity.

The national sport of Bhutan is archery and is one of the only sports in which Bhutan competes in the Olympics.

The national emblem of Bhutan is a circle that projects a double diamond thunderbolt placed above the lotus.

The national bird of Bhutan is the raven.

The national animal of Bhutan is the takin.

The national flower of Bhutan is the blue poppy.

The national tree of Bhutan is the cypress. 

Bhutan has only had 5 Kings, as hereditary succession only began with the first Kings reign in 1907.