Diary for Dora The Explorer


2008-06-21 to 2008-07-12


Well thats hello in Fijian! So I`ve been here since mid -June and what a cool country this is. The people are just about the nicest I`ve ever met, extremely hospitable, will welcome you into their home at a drop of a hat, and will give you the coats off their back when it rains...which is often - a lot , every day, talking monsoon like rains. Welcome to the rainy season & now I know why the country is so lush and green. Wales you have nothing on Fiji for annual rainfall -  raincoats, hiking boots & DEET a definite must.

So now I have a few days to write my blog and post some photo`s. This is a 3rd world country but with luxurious ex-pat condo`s scattered amongst the dense vegetation. The Fijians live in villages along the roadside, ranging from 100-400 people depending on the size. Each one has a church of some denomination- they are fairly religious where Sunday is church & family day. I had a pleasure of being invited to a church service, talk about `happy clappers` - I came out with a big smile on my face, they were singing & dancing in the aisles. Isn`t that what faith should be?!

I had the pleasure of being invited on a `home stay` to one of the local villages, wow what an experience. They do not have electricity so unless you are wealthy to own a generator its cold showers, no TV or lights for the best part. Kerosene lanterns are the preferred methods for night-time brightness, coupled with bowls of `kava` ( the local `weed` ground down and mixed with water) known for it`s intoxicating effects makes for a mellow night at one of the homes.


They love their food, the Fijians- both men and women are tall, big boned with great bone structures. Rugby-players dream. You will never go hungry with these guys around, they have a carb rich diet so it`s bread, flour-based products, rice, dough nuts, suet and curry all day long. They are no skinny-ninnies in Fiji!


The shark diving has been amazing – bulls, lemon`s, reef sharks and giant groupers on every dive. Awesome. You cant imagine! See the pictures and decide for yourself!