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Getting around in a huge PDF document can take a lot of time. The Adobe Creative Team shows how to speed things up by using the bookmark feature in Acrobat 9 to create and organize bookmarks that give you quick-click access to the page you want. Detect clashes in aggregated models Find and more easily resolve design conflicts virtually, before construction begins, with Navisworks Manage software. This software helps you control outcomes with advanced coordination, 5D analysis, and simulation tools. Navisworks features enable coordination, construction simulation, and whole-project analysis for integrated project review. But as I mentioned earlier, the sheer fact that Illustrator is 64bit, doesn't actually make the application faster or better in any way. It simply means that Illustrator has a bigger playground to play in. The big difference is that in order to make Illustrator a 64bit application, Adobe had to do some work. Wait, let me rephrase that—Adobe had to do a significant amount of work. It's the result of this work that—in my opinion—makes Illustrator CS6 a must have upgrade. In other words, even if CS6 had no other additional features other than this work, I'd recommend the upgrade. Quindi, se scarichi AutoCAD Map 3D in italiano, quando poi installi non ti viene chiesto nulla, riguardo alla lingua, perché l'hai già scelta quando hai scaricato il pacchetto per l'installazione. Per cambiare lingua, devi ripartire dal download del pacchetto, per poi installarlo ex novo. Nota bene che tecnicamente puoi lasciare installato lo stesso prodotto in due più lingue diverse, sempre che la licenza te lo permetta.