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Second Annual Beer, Bourbon & Bbq Festival


You love your dog, and you can't finish that steak. Now here's a dilemma. What to do with those table scraps when there's still some nice meat on that bone? The macaroni-and-cheese leftovers the kids didn't finish aren't enough to make another meal? Fido's one of the family, and is looking at you with those 'please, please' eyes. So what's the harm in letting doggie, and not the garbage disposal, dispose of the table scraps rather than eat 'traditional' dog food?The Stater Bros. on Haven has corned beef on sale for $1.17 a pound. Food 4 less on Foothill Blvd. has corned slow cooker brisket for $1.98 a pound. And Albertsons Markets on Foothill Blvd. are having a 50% off sale on, you guessed it, corned beef.A lot of people do not eat enough good protein and this will work against your weight loss efforts. Part of slimming down is exercising your muscles, and your body needs protein to repair your muscles after you workout. Good sources of quality protein is white fish such as tilapia, salmon which is a good source of Omega-3 oils that is good for your heart, egg whites, canned tuna with water and lean meats. Another good way to add protein to your weight loss diet is to introduce things like sliced turkey breast, sliced ham or sliced beef joint from your local supermarket deli.If you are currently savoring foods that are high in saturated fats then you have to get rid of them now. Choose to eat meals that are low in fat such as turkey meat which you can substitute instead of eating beef meat. Eat fish more often and choose chicken meat without the skin.Poise OverActive Bladder Sample Kit - This Poise sample kit includes a liner, long liner, ultra thin pad and carrying case. Allow to pulled beef brisket tom kerridge weeks for delivery.Combine all ingredients except cabbage and cook in low heat. Cover and cook for another 4 hours in low heat, or another 2 hours in high heat. Add cabbage. Sprinkle with pepper and salt.