Diary for lushblog

are theire 5 riders of the apocalypse?


i suspect there are! i think there is one called clumsiness!

to cut a long story short, apart from all the other gash that has happened to me recently, when i was taking out the rubbish with bill, i fell down the stairs and have hurt my knee and ankle so badly that i coudnt leave the house for 2 days. to say its driving me MAAAAD! is an understatement...as you all know, i walk everywhere, and now have had to develop a dangerous taxi habit which is costing me a fortune, and i may have to start mugging. though running away might be a problem.

however....on the plus side, as you can see from these photos, i have actually had time to decorate my kitchen, and now, apart from the floor it is finished. luckily i painted it all before i fell...but its amazing what you can do with only one leg. now all i have to do is re-decorate the bathroom, get rid of all the crap, put my bedroom back together, get a carpet fitted in the loo, put up the mirror ive got lying around, re-wire all my tv/playstation stuff, put back all the rugs, put up all the pictures from my walls that are lying in piles all over the flat...and make sure my washing machine actually works. easy peasy!

on a different note...i have also decided that im not going to step down at work. i know i have spoken about this....but hell....what am i thinking. its taken me bloody years to get to this point, the point where i do not even have to consider financial issues....and can pretty much do what ever i want...well, as long as an atm doesnt steal my card.  i know that i went bonkers after rose died, and lost all confidence in myself....and really got so stressed about everything that i couldnt cope, but that was then. i do think having my flat turn into a building site, all the hassle with the plumber and the leaks to the flat below, and the petty squabbling that went on between the various parties involved drove me over the edge. but now its back to being my flat...only better...id like to say im back to being me only better...but sadly im still the same old pedantic, sarcastic idiotic woman ive always been. so much for the good news.

anyway....until liz tells me that im shite and i have to go to the greggs lodge for confused managers...im staying put. so put that in your pipe and smoke it!

btw kim...finally got to 80% on lumosity! hoorah!