Diary for Debbie does...round the world

Paris - Day Three


Up at 0800 and we were late again for liz and Scott by 10 mins. I forgot to mention that yesterday when we were only 5 mins late they took off for 30 mins so we were left waiting for 25 mins - that taught us - problem was we were so busy talking and lounging on the comfy seats in the lobby we didnt really notice.

We firstly went to Tour de Montparnasse which is a 209 metre tall tower - cost 10 euros and Liz decided not to go up so caused a bit of a stink with her and Scott - she thought it was too much for her to pay so just got Scott to take photos.. She waited at the bottom for us and was obviously pissed because we were all so long because it was so much better than we expected. It was a bit foggy from the top of the tower but got some amazing views and could see everything. Well worth 10 euros and on a nice day it ould be better than the views from the Eiffel Tower.

Today was about the Louvre - took the metro and got there and stood in a very small line to get tickets. Was about 1130 when we got there so I was keen for coffee but nobody else was. decided at this time we would all split up and meet back at the hotel at 1520. I had coffee and pizza and then headed in. Again it was a very hot humid day and I had expected it would be a lot more cooler inside but it wasnt. Headed to see the Mona Lisa first - up and down stairs and thru hallways - bit of a crowd in the front but managed to get up there to get a good picture. Unfortunately they have covered it with glass and so there was a camera flare on all my photos.Then looked at a few other things - was quite busy. Couldnt find one thing I was looking for and ended up at one end of the louvre having to make a choice of going out the exit or all the way back from where I had come. I left cos I was hot and tired - took a few photos outside and then went back thru security to go inside again before deciding just to go to Starbucks and have a coffee as there was too much more I wanted to do. Then headed back to the hotel and read a book as I was 15 mins early for the others.

Took the metro back to Gare de Nord and stood in a very hot train station with no air conditioning. The eurosstar was brilliant apart from the guy in the suit next to me who hogged all the space including the arm rest. Slept most of the way as did everybody else and got back in at 1800ish. Caught the train back to West Hampstead with andrew and nancy and was delighted to find out the next stop after that was Cricklewood so got off there instead and a short bus ride home.

I need to confess that when i got home there was nothing on TV so I watched the second semifinal of Britains Got Talent - I know its sad - very sad. I would have to say thet there was the great and the dreadful. An amazing dance group called Flawless. Then to bed and back to work tommorrow - yipee