Diary for On On Home around Australia

Week 439 - Moss Vale

2017-12-16 to 2017-12-22

On arrival at Salt Ash, we found the place deserted, so we parked the bus up, plugged into power and water and waited for the hosts to arrive.  No sooner had they arrived back and Graham had half a dozen large crabs in the cook pot.  We had a pleasant happy hour with a couple of visitors, Col and Mary from the Highway Wanderers.

Our deadline to get to the Murray before Christmas was deminishing.  So Monday saw another departure and another couple of hundred k's to Richmond RSL's Wanderest.  However, because of the heatwave conditions, at 44 degrees, we were grateful to have power, water and a shady tree.  The RSL was just 100 yards from our door and their bar and air-conditioning was also welcoming, washed down with a pint or two of Little Creatures of all things.

Our need to press on, saw another departure towards Moss Vale.  In total contrast there was a cool breeze and no need for us to change the temperature of the air.  Moss Vale became our base camp so that we could visit Ron and Gwen in Flinders and a rendezvous with Jo's brother and family to make it a day out for Aiden and Rusti (who are both the same age) at Flagstaff Hill, Wolloongong.

We would like to wish all of our readers a Merry and a Happy Christmas and hope that Santa brings all that is wished.  We are not sure where we will be Christmas Day but it looks like we might be travelling on the road to Jugiong to spend some time beside the Murrumbidgee River.