Diary for Long Distance Information

Groundhog Day


It feels like it’ll be 5th June forever. We left Maidenhead at 4.45 am on 5th June, and we’ve been on a 13 hour journey, arrived in LA and checked into our hotel and it’s still only something like 6.15pm. Will the day never end? Or will we wake up tomorrow and find it’s still 5th June? 

The flight went very well actually, we were pretty spoilt: plenty of good food and drink, very comfortable seats and lots of legroom. We left the plane feeling that all was well with the world, but stepping into LA airport soon put paid to that. First there was the queue for the electronic passport gate. This was very busy and of course we got flustered 😫 The machine  took our photos, which were printed out and we had to put these in our passports. I’ve got to say that they were easily the worst photos of the two of us that I’ve ever seen in my life - so bad in fact that I got an uncontrollable fit of giggles and Mike had to tell me off because people were looking. Honestly, they were that bad, I wouldn’t have let us in the country if I didn’t know it was us. But, as Mike pointed out, at least we weren’t having to queue like that lot in that mile long queue over there - except that we were, as that was the next step after the digital machine disaster. Mike was not a happy bunny. The line moved at snail’s pace. Nightmare! We finally got through and the immigration guy turned out to be nice -most unusual! Even he had a laugh over the photos but said he had to keep them anyway, and our secret was safe with him. We retrieved our bags and got the shuttle to the hotel. We’re here for 2 nights and we’re looking for serviceable rather than glamour, and that’s just what we got. They’re very nice here though. I’ll put up a photo of the view from our room don’t be jealous 😂 We’ll have a little look at LA tomorrow, if we can stay awake. Hasta luego 👋