Diary for Long Distance Information

Los Angeles


As time is short here, we decided to do a bus tour of LA to catch a glimpse of the main sites and avoid having to drive at the same time. I would say it was just enough. Los Angeles is spread over a large area but a lot of it seems a bit same-y. Venice Beach was not a lot different to other seaside resorts in the UK; the sea and sands are lovely but it’s a bit tatty. Hollywood Boulevard was mobbed but it all seemed somehow rather empty. Although LA is awash with money there doesn’t seem to be any depth to the place, it’s all a bit shallow. There’s also plenty of poverty about. Our tour guide told us that the homeless numbers are massive, which is a sad reflection on this society. The best part of our tour came at the very end, when we visited what was the original settlement of Los Angeles.  There is still the old church and the town hall, and a ranchhouse, fully furnished in period, that was free to visit.  It's by far the nicest part of the city in my opinion and I'm sorry we didn't get more time there. I’m glad to say I’ve seen it all here now, but once is enough for me in this place and I won't be hurrying back.