Diary for Long Distance Information

From Lotus Eaters to Another World

2018-06-09 to 2018-06-10

We enjoyed our time doing absolutely nothing at the Bellagio so much that we even kicked our planned day out to the Grand Canyon into touch, and splurged the money for that on a French  meal at the Picasso restaurant in the hotel instead. As Craig Revel Horwood would say - Fab-u-lous , dahling. We had a little go at the tables, laughably little, we must have blown at least $60 at the blackjack table (it was all over in four goes) and then at least $20 on the one arm bandits. Last of the great spenders or what? Trouble was, they were too technical for us and we didn’t know how to work them, so we just kept pressing the button till the money was all gone. Mike had to bet with the cornflakes after that. It was with great reluctance that we checked out of the Beautiful Bellagio this morning and headed north to Cedar City, Utah. We crossed a little bit of the north-west corner of Arizona en route. It was all very desert-like for a fair bit of the way, but got a lot greeener as we approached Cedar City. I drove for the first time today - I did the second half of the journey. I thought I had done ok but Mike’s hair has gone a bit whiter and he’s got a bit less of it. Can’t think why. We got a shock when we got here -M Star motel that we’d booked into was completely deserted and a total dump. There was a note stuck on the window with a phone number  to call for reception. 🤔 We decided maybe this wasn’t for us and booked into a Comfort Inn up the road, which isn’t exactly luxurious but is a lot better than the other place. This evening we ate out at a diner and for the first time we were among locals, which was great. We’re only passing through here but before we head to Salt Lake City tomorrow morning we’ll pop into the Frontier Homestead State Park, that’s on the edge of town, to get an idea of what it was like here in the early days.