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Hamisi and Abdalla's grandmother passes on!!!!


Hi! Everyone,

                It is with deep sorrow to inform you of the passing on of the grandmother to Hamisi and Abdalla who passed on last week on Wednesday 2oth June due to high blood pressure while she was on her way to a referral hospital.

As you all know Hamisi and Abdalla who are orphans are sponsored kids in our Mtomondoni sponsorship program and it was the late grandmother who has been taking care of the boys ever since the boys were in kindergarten up to the moment when they are about to complete their secondary school i.e form 4.

The loss of their grandmother is like a double tragedy to the boys as they have lost their parents and now they’ve lost their grandmother.

All in all from me and on behalf of Abdalla,Hamisi,Antoney and the entire family,I want send  many thanks to Gail and Sara as they have been able to send over their personal donation of Kshs.7,500/= to the family who all sent their many thanks to  both Sara and Gail so as to assist in the funeral arrangement. At first the total estimated budget for the funeral was Ksh.50, 000/= which is supposed to cater for things like morgue preservation daily charges, coffin purchase, grave digging cost, transport costs, food expenses, tents and chairs hiring, public address system etc.

Yesterday Thursday 29thj June was the day when the deceased body was taken out of the hospital morgue for a church service in Mtwapa (Mtomondoni), thereafter the deceased was taken to her home for an overnight stay where the mourners had lots of singing waiting for the next morning and start preparing for the funeral. It was until today when the funeral took place. Please see pictures for details of the grandmother final journey.

Finally I want to send and on behalf of and the entire Hamisi and Abdalla   family my many thanks  to Gill and Dave Fletcher for the generosity which they’ve  done to this bereaved family by helping them built a permanent house and with no doubt even though their grandmother is gone but at  least the boys are having a permanent home.

With that I say,bye byer,