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30th Jan 2011 - 7th Jul 2011
Life in rural Thailand: A Photo Diary

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Diary Photos
4th Feb 2011  Luckily not all road signs are this helpful!!

20th Feb 2011  Ken's fabulous seafood birthday lunch!

26th Feb 2011  Decorations on local fishing boat
Depending on where you are in Thailand, the front of the boat will usually be decorated in some way. There may be some coloured scarves tied to the bow of the boat (often in red, white and blue; the colour of the Thai flag). You may also see garlands or flowers tied to the bow of the boat. These decorations may look pretty, but they are actually there to provide good luck and protection. The belief in spirits is a serious business in Thailand and the garlands or scarves at the front of the boat are in honour of the spirits of the water and Mae Yanang the spiritual goddess of journeys.

28th Feb 2011  Driving through another village

28th Feb 2011  A vegetable seller

28th Feb 2011  Reflections... Ken driving for a change.

1st Mar 2011  Men walking their precious bulls to pasture every day is a common sight

1st Mar 2011  Change of season

1st Mar 2011  Entering a local village

1st Mar 2011  A local village

16th Apr 2011  Whizzing along on our scooter

16th Apr 2011  Main road - look at all the overhead cables!

16th Apr 2011  3 very elderly ladies out on the town, love the umbrella wedged in the "sidecar"

16th Apr 2011  Anything goes!

19th Apr 2011  Beautiful rubber plantations

19th Apr 2011  Plantation house?

5th May 2011  Border run - off to Tammalang in the tuk-tuk to catch the ferry over to Langkawi

5th May 2011  Stopped to pick up a bag of ice from the ice factory!!

6th May 2011  Love these signs up in the hospital toilets!!

8th May 2011  Baskets are not only for parcels!

19th May 2011  Rubber plantations again!

19th May 2011  Local Thursday market

19th May 2011  A local Thursday market - great veggies, but can be hit and miss sometimes

19th May 2011  One of the local and very basic grocery shops

19th May 2011  One of quaint little houses in the main road

19th May 2011  Another little store

19th May 2011  Palm leaves are used to weave "walls" for some of the more traditional houses

19th May 2011  An elderly local lady drying goodness knows what in the sun

19th May 2011  Another dear little house

19th May 2011  What a sight, at 5pm a lot of the ducks & chickens would be inside looking out!

19th May 2011  Local houses

22nd May 2011  Love this dragon painted on the bow of a fishing trawler.

18th Jun 2011  A shop we bought perspex and vinyl lettering from in town

18th Jun 2011  Don't know what plant this is, but I love these leaves

18th Jun 2011  Chinese/Buddhist temple opposite Mr Phitak's harware store

18th Jun 2011  Amazing temple this
We'd arrived in January and by July they still weren't finished painting it... the detail is just phenomenal.

18th Jun 2011  Chinese Temple

18th Jun 2011  Just gorgeous on a blue sky day!

18th Jun 2011  Love the detail

18th Jun 2011  Did I say I love this dragon?!

18th Jun 2011  I love dragons!

18th Jun 2011  Chinese temple

3rd Jul 2011  Cars travelling towards you... no problem - anything goes here!!

3rd Jul 2011  Muslim ladies on motorbikes, sitting side-saddle is actually pretty comfy

3rd Jul 2011  Many well to do people have very elaborate stainless steel gates and fences made

3rd Jul 2011  Strange, looks like possibly man-made dams on shortcut route to Tesco

3rd Jul 2011  A typical house in the country

3rd Jul 2011  You'd be amazed how much groceries I could get onto a bike!!
I managed to get the same amount on a manual bike as a I used to on an automatic... the difference being my red bag would go between my feet on the automatic - and on the manual, well the red bag is where a child usually sits!!

3rd Jul 2011  Yes - and cows there most certainly are!!

4th Jul 2011  Typical shopping street in a rural town

4th Jul 2011  Osram - would not want to take stock in this shop!!!

4th Jul 2011  Just another day...

4th Jul 2011  Certainly not in the first world!!!!

4th Jul 2011  Local long distance bus... there's 4 on that bike!!

4th Jul 2011  Smart ladies off to work? school? who knows!

4th Jul 2011  Bet you've never seen a Thai typewriter before...

4th Jul 2011  We bought delicious prawns from this lady (the big ones in the foreground!) ZAR40 for 1 kilo

4th Jul 2011  Wet market... chicken anyone? Chicken feet?

4th Jul 2011  Local market... where you buy absolutely anything!

4th Jul 2011  The infamous songbirds - those songbirds go everywhere with the owners!
Thailand's songbirds... a wonderful form of gambling - if you're that way inclined! Men purchase these birds for a substantial amount, naturally the owner thinks his bird has the best "voice"... you'll see them along the roadside - the birds will all be hung up in a row with the birds singing for their lives, a judge will walk around and listen for the best voice whilst the owners sit around in deathly silence. These birds go everywhere with their owners too and travelling on a motorbike is no exception! There's a huge annual competition where the owner of the bird who "sings the best" wins a substantial amount of money.... funny thing is all the birds sound the same to us!!

4th Jul 2011  A common sight in the more rural areas - cows resting... it's so hot I don't blame them!

4th Jul 2011  It's so easy to buy petrol in Thailand!

5th Jul 2011  A viking ship!

5th Jul 2011  One of the many enormous fishing boats in a boat yard

5th Jul 2011  A river at sunrise - so peaceful.

6th Jul 2011  Rebak Marina - our garland of flowers to ward off evil sprits etc

6th Jul 2011  Rebak Marina - looking good!

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