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This is the map of our trip. The red lines show our journey so far, and the dotted lines show our future route. Move your mouse over a larger dot and you can see the name of the stop and date of our arrival. Click a place on the right to change your view. You can see all our stops under the map. World  Africa  Asia  Australasia  C.America  Caribbean  Europe  India  N.America  S.America  S.East Asia  United Kingdom 

171 Stops
20th May 2013    Hout Bay, Cape Town South Africa
20th May 2013    Cape Point, Cape Town South Africa
19th May 2013    Cape Agulhas South Africa
15th May 2013    Port Elizabeth South Africa
7th May 2013    Durban South Africa
22nd Apr 2013    Mauritius Mauritius
31st Mar 2013    Krakatoa
29th Mar 2013    Belitung Island
25th Mar 2013    Johor Malaysia
20th Mar 2013    Malacca Malaysia
20th Mar 2013    Pangkor Island
4th Mar 2013    Langkawi Malaysia
27th Dec 2012    Karon, Mueang Phuket Thailand
20th Oct 2012    Krabi Thailand
13th Oct 2012    Ao Chalong, Chalong, Mueang Phuket Thailand
16th Sep 2012    Kuah Malaysia
5th Sep 2012    Penang Malaysia
2nd Sep 2012    Lumut Malaysia
1st Sep 2012    Port Klang Malaysia
31st Aug 2012    Malacca Malaysia
28th Aug 2012    Johor Bahru Malaysia
27th Aug 2012    Tanjung Pengelih
26th Aug 2012    Pulau Tinggi
4th Aug 2012    Redang Island
29th Jul 2012    Terengganu Malaysia
23rd Jul 2012    Tioman Island
30th Jun 2012    Johor Bahru Malaysia
29th May 2012    Langkawi Malaysia
21st May 2012    Penang Malaysia
20th May 2012    Kuah Malaysia
18th May 2012    Sabang Indonesia
13th May 2012    Talang Indonesia
10th May 2012    Lahewa Indonesia
7th May 2012    Teluk Dalam Indonesia
30th Apr 2012    Mentawai Islands Regency
21st Apr 2012    Pulau Sipika
19th Apr 2012    Nias
18th Apr 2012    Pulau Asu
4th Apr 2012    Sampoiniet Indonesia
3rd Apr 2012    Leupung Indonesia
1st Apr 2012    Pulau Rubia
26th Mar 2012    Sabang Indonesia
25th Mar 2012    Langkawi Malaysia
19th Mar 2012    Penang Malaysia
6th Aug 2011    Phuket Thailand
6th Jul 2011    Langkawi Malaysia
26th Jan 2011    Chebilang Thailand
22nd Jan 2011    Pulau Rebak Besar Malaysia
15th Jan 2011    George Town Malaysia
4th Dec 2010    Danga Bay, Johor Bahru Malaysia
1st Sep 2010    Tawau Malaysia
22nd Aug 2010    Sandakan Malaysia
21st Aug 2010    Pulau Tigabu Malaysia
19th Aug 2010    Pulau Mantanani Besar Malaysia
11th Aug 2010    Brunei Darussalam Brunei
15th Jul 2010    Miri Malaysia
6th Jul 2010    Santubong, Kuching Malaysia
26th Jun 2010    Perhentian Islands Malaysia
22nd Jun 2010    Kuala Terengganu Malaysia
18th Jun 2010    Redang Island, Kuala Terengganu Malaysia
17th Jun 2010    Pulau Kapas Malaysia
14th Jun 2010    Kuantan Malaysia
6th Jun 2010    Pulau Tioman Malaysia
28th May 2010    Desaru, Benut Malaysia
27th May 2010    Tanjung Pengelih, Pengerang Malaysia
21st May 2010    Danga Bay, Johor Bahru Malaysia
16th May 2010    Melaka Malaysia
10th May 2010    Port Dickson Malaysia
19th Feb 2010    Langkawi Malaysia
11th Feb 2010    Georgetown Malaysia
3rd Feb 2010    Ao Chalong, Chalong Thailand
31st Dec 2009    Muang Patong, Pa Tong Thailand
28th Dec 2009    Phi Phi Islands Thailand
18th Dec 2009    Phuket Thailand
7th Dec 2009    Kuah Malaysia
19th Nov 2009    Georgetown Malaysia
14th Nov 2009    Lumut Malaysia
13th Nov 2009    Pangkor Malaysia
12th Nov 2009    Pulau Kelang Malaysia
8th Nov 2009    Melaka Malaysia
19th Oct 2009    Johor Bahru Malaysia
15th Oct 2009    Belitung Indonesia
7th Oct 2009    Kumai Indonesia
12th Sep 2009    Bali Indonesia
26th Aug 2009    Banda Islands Indonesia
21st Aug 2009    Labuanbajo Indonesia
16th Aug 2009    Maumere Indonesia
26th Jul 2009    Banda Islands Indonesia
21st Jul 2009    Saumlaki Indonesia
19th Jun 2009    Darwin Australia
8th Jun 2009    Horn Island Australia
7th Jun 2009    Horn Island Australia
22nd May 2009    Lizard Island Australia
9th May 2009    Cairns Harbour Australia
8th May 2009    Mourilyan Harbour, QLD Australia
29th Apr 2009    Whitsunday Island Australia
2nd Apr 2009    Port Bundaberg Australia
30th Jan 2009    The Spit Australia
28th Jan 2009    Iluka Australia
25th Jan 2009    Port Stephens Australia
17th Jan 2009    McCarrs Creek Rd, PITTWATER, NSW Australia
1st Jan 2009    Little Manly Cove Australia
29th Dec 2008    Sydney Opera House, Sydney Australia
27th Dec 2008    Sydney Harbour Australia
23rd Dec 2008    Spring Cove Australia
18th Dec 2008    Coffs Harbour Australia
31st Oct 2008    Brisbane Australia
23rd Oct 2008    Baie de Prony New Caledonia
20th Oct 2008    Tanna Vanuatu
16th Oct 2008    Anatom Vanuatu
21st Aug 2008    Lautoka Fiji
23rd Jul 2008    Nandi Fiji
18th May 2008    Opua New Zealand
2nd Feb 2008    Whangarei New Zealand
16th Jan 2008    Cape Town South Africa
13th Dec 2007    London United Kingdom
28th Nov 2007    Sydney Australia
23rd Nov 2007    Nuku Tonga
22nd Nov 2007    Whangarei New Zealand
9th Nov 2007    Opua New Zealand
3rd Oct 2007    Neiafu Tonga
21st Sep 2007    Alofi Niue
29th Aug 2007    Borabora Island French Polynesia
2nd Jul 2007    Tahiti French Polynesia
3rd May 2007    Nukahiva French Polynesia
5th Mar 2007    Guayaquil, Guayas Ecuador
16th Feb 2007    Galapagos Islands, Galápagos Ecuador
19th Jan 2007    Panama City, Panamá Panama
10th Jan 2007    Colón Panama
22nd Dec 2006    San Blas, San Blas Panama
16th Dec 2006    Curacao Netherlands Antilles
5th Dec 2006    Margarita (Porlamar) Venezuela
8th Feb 2006    Trinidad Trinidad and Tobago
20th Dec 2005    Virgin Gorda British Virgin Islands
24th Nov 2005    St Maarten Netherlands Antilles
20th Nov 2005    Los Roques Venezuela
9th Nov 2005    Tortuga Venezuela
3rd Nov 2005    Los Testigos Venezuela
26th Jun 2005    Trinidad Trinidad and Tobago
19th Jun 2005    Margarita (Porlamar) Venezuela
24th May 2005    Puerto La Cruz Venezuela
21st Apr 2005    Los Roques Venezuela
19th Apr 2005    Ave de Barlovento, Dependencias Federales Venezuela
1st Feb 2005    Curacao Netherlands Antilles
30th Jan 2005    Aves de Sotavento, Dependencias Federales Venezuela
22nd Dec 2004    Tortuga Venezuela
15th Dec 2004    Puerto La Cruz Venezuela
3rd Dec 2004    Margarita (Porlamar) Venezuela
11th Nov 2004    Los Roques(Cayo de Agua) Venezuela
10th Nov 2004    Aves de Barlovento, Dependencias Federales Venezuela
6th Nov 2004    Curacao Netherlands Antilles
30th Oct 2004    Aves de Barlovento, Dependencias Federales Venezuela
11th Oct 2004    Puerto La Cruz, Anzoátegui Venezuela
8th Apr 2004    Los Testigos Venezuela
16th Mar 2004    Trinidad Trinidad and Tobago
18th Feb 2004    Grenada City, Saint George Grenada
29th Jan 2004    St Lucia Saint Lucia
26th Jan 2004    Martinique Island Martinique
25th Jan 2004    Guadeloupe Guadeloupe
22nd Dec 2003    Antigua Antigua And Barbuda
15th Dec 2003    Trinidad Trinidad and Tobago
26th Oct 2003    Blanquilla Venezuela
20th Oct 2003    Tortuga Venezuela
14th Oct 2003    Blanquilla Venezuela
1st Oct 2003    Margarita (Porlamar) Venezuela
7th Jun 2003    Trinidad and Tobago Trinidad and Tobago
21st May 2003    fortaleza Brazil
5th May 2003    Salvador, Bahia Brazil
27th Mar 2003    Luderitz District Namibia
23rd Mar 2003    Hout Bay, Western Cape South Africa
13th Jan 2003    Los Roques(Cayo de Agua) Venezuela