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Sailng on Windwanderer.
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Adult tgp (31st May 2016)
Adult tgp


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Big Ass
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Mark (21st Mar 2016)
Black Birds
Hi there. The black birds you saw seem to me to be Frigate birds, well known as being poor at catching fish, and almost always rely on other birds such as the Boobies to catch the fish for them. They hover above the Boobies and snotklap them with their beaks, forcing the Boobies to regurgitate the fish which the Frigates snap up.
Lyn (21st Mar 2016)
Great start to your journey, can't wait for the next chapters.
Jemima (22nd Jan 2016)
Rolly anchorage
I remember that after getting used to the rolling anchorage, that, one one day, when we actually had NO swell and Skye lay perfectly still at anchor, I walked head first into the stainless steel pole in the cockpit, expecting the yacht to roll the pole out of the way. I felt like a real doos.
Captain Vic Hankins (12th Jan 2016)
Re: My Oupa E. L Marais
Hi Vic! Really enjoy your blog from the Windwanderer! My grandfather Ernest Marais was a Boer POW on St Helena. I believe he was in the Deadwood camp?... When General Cronje also arrived as a Boer POW, he paused at Napoleon's memorial and said in Afrikaans: Same enemy Sir... Same result! I would love to know if any one knows the site where the Boers were interned? Regards and safe sailing! John Marais.
Mark (23rd Dec 2015)
Hi again,

The best bread is the bread made in the ship's oven, the second best is the bread made on the island. How many loaves could you have made in the time you waited? Just saying.
Sunny days here in Knysna, but filled with tourists. Roads and shops as well as the beaches. It is difficult to believe that all these people travelling 1000 km to buy stuff in Knysna at 1.5 x the price. And they all sit in a 200m stretch at Buffs and the rest of the 5 Kms to Brenton is deserted. Go figure. There is and has been a red tide for a couple of weeks so the shell fish are out of bounds but the swimming is still ok. We had a great sail out to sea last Saturday, number 48 for me this year, not all out to sea, but 20 x out to sea, 6 x on other yachts and 42 x sailing on Jemima. Trying to get in 50 x before the year is out.
Merry Christmas to the three of you ( WW included )and a happy new year too.
Mark (23rd Dec 2015)
Looks like we are going to be here for at least 2 months held up with boat repairs, and Yeap you did tell us. It's great
Mark (21st Dec 2015)
Didn't I tell you
Hi. Didn't I tell you the Saints are the best people ever. No crime, no dumping and so helpful, just because. Enjoy it while you're there, because there are not many islands left with such groovy people.
Mark (17th Dec 2015)
Well Done
Hi folks. Well done and welcome to St Helena. Enjoy. Maybe a night of dance and Donny's. Sandy. Please keep the blogs flowing, I am interested in hearing about your trip accross.
All the best and Xmas cheer.
Mark Knysna (14th Nov 2015)
No Parcel
Hi GUys, Sorry no parcel. I thought you would have been able to recognize a bit of Knysna humour by now. Great pics. You seem to be having a real adventure.