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Sailng on Windwanderer.
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Mark Knysna (14th Nov 2015)
No Parcel
Hi GUys, Sorry no parcel. I thought you would have been able to recognize a bit of Knysna humour by now. Great pics. You seem to be having a real adventure.
Sandy (14th Nov 2015)
Haha, not gonna happen.
Lyn (14th Nov 2015)
Where's the photo of your glamorous headwear?
Sandy (14th Nov 2015)
Re Lyn.
Thanks Lyn, the Internet here is hopeless so am trying to get a least two up a day.
Lyn (14th Nov 2015)
What a fantastic adventure you are having. I really enjoy reading your blogs, keep them coming.
Sandy (11th Nov 2015)
Re Mark
Hi Mark, we miss Znysna too, you may have to wait a few days, we are hold up here with really strong winds, it's miserable, wind howling and sand and dust everywhere, wanderer is looking really sad, she is so dirty and very neglected, it's hopeless even trying to clean the outside, I'm battling to keep the inside clean.
Our cell here is 0813092951.
Ps, did you really send a parcel here for us?
Mark Knysna (10th Nov 2015)
Hi there Wanderers or is it Wonderers? Any chance of getting some boatie shots to see where WW is moored and what the layout at Luderitz is all about, just in case one wanted to go for a sail? How is the teak decking holding? Knysna still misses you guys except for Zuma who says '' Hey you, don't come back for a while, OK?'' EW What a doos.
Let me know the cell number/Whatsapp you guys are using now.

Ciao for Niao
Sandy (10th Aug 2015)
Hi Mark, I have to say the pansy shells did not come to mind....haha
We are kinda recovering at the moment but very busy as well we leave first thing tomorrow, so it's still hectic. But that Milk Run sounds so good. xxx
Mark (10th Aug 2015)
All in a days sail.
Boy, was that exciting. (reading your post that is). Aren't boats just such amazing creatures! I bet all you were thinking about during all this was pansy shells, (NOT).
I remember wishing there was a special switch I could flip and we'D be back in the pub, somewhere, anywhere. Look forward to the next post. Glad you both survived and to know that from now on the Atlantic crossing is the Milk Run. Now it's crooozing. XXX
Mark Knysna (12th Jul 2015)
Have a look on my FB page or on Ash Stiebel's page for navy boats.