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sapp travels
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Four (18th Oct 2013)
More sleeps
Not counting or anything, but

Hope the UK has been as sensational
No News is (13th Oct 2013)
Hopefully good news! Things are looking up...
Just one week to go.....
Wow (3rd Oct 2013)
Still full on
And I'm still jealous!! You need to rest up a little and... just be! What a magic experience.
Jane & Gary (24th Sep 2013)
Exhausting reading!
I became exhausted reading the 'legging it to Rome' blog!! Wish u had filmed it - oh, that's right, no phone charge!, can u 2 learn to relax now? U deserve it!! Ciao. X
Mindboggled (24th Sep 2013)
What a mega feat!
SOOO thrilled for you Champs! Well done to all! Such emotional writing turns us 'sooks' into blubberers. So AMAZING to share your 'ventures thru your diaries! Keep up the GR8 work.
Kirsty (24th Sep 2013)
Well Done you guys, you are amazing. Shannon I've just read your blog (posted on the wall here at work), and I shed a tear for you, what an emotional high, thanks so much for sharing with us. Congratulations and enjoy the rest of your holiday x
Jane and Gary (21st Sep 2013)
You are awesome!!
Love the commentary n pics! As always sham u r too hard on yourself! FFS - u r representing ur country whilst I'm being a lazy arse laying bed bed reading ur blogs. U n paul are awesome! Good luck for the race - and enjoy it!!
Anna Oldfield (19th Sep 2013)
Good Luck
Next time you wake up it will be Time Trial day, Good Luck to all of you. Anna
Anna Oldfield (17th Sep 2013)
Hello Shannon
I have checked out all the photos looks fantastic. I saw a great photo of cheese but no red wine to accompany it!
I hope the weather is warn there becaue it is bloody freezing here. Only a couple of days before the time trail now, and then onle a couple until it's all over, so make the msot of every day. Anna
Keep the Quality Data coming! (16th Sep 2013)
Great Blogging Team SAPP
Terrific experiences and terrific writing. Keep up the fab journalism. Get well, we all thinking the positive energy thoughts for you.