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The writings from Ellie Parker
No Photos 18th Mar 2018
Holiday Wine Happenings In The Nh Seacoast Area

I went hunting with my husband a few times since we have been married. Mind you, my choice of shooting was using a video camera. As far as cooking, what was shot depends on the animal. We tried cooking squirrel once, and it won't ever happen again. The same goes for rabbit. He found that cleaning the squirrels and rabbits really wasn't worth the time spent skinning and gutting these small animals.The Ya Wang slow cooker duck and pineapple Restaurant is another restaurant which serves roasted duck "fit for a king". This place has been visited by many famous personalities. The restaurant has four branches in Beijing.We each had a cocktail and entree. When we finished the meal, the waiter removed the plates, inquired if we would care for dessert or another cocktail. He did this several times, and he finally asked if we would like our check. The checks, not including tip, were over $30. When adding the tip, the meal cost for the 2 couples was close to $75.Los Moles at 3140 N. Lincoln in Lakeview. Geno Bahena (Real Tenochtitlan, Tepatulco) is at it again. With Los Moles, Bahena has created a comfortable, neighborhood place serving regional Mexican and Bahena's signature mole sauces (four in all: red, white, black, and green). Standout dishes include the grilled maple leaf how to cook duck in green pumpkin seed mole sauce, served with Yukon gold potatoes; and the baby rack of lamb with spicy cilantro, three different types of chile, and black mole sauce. Plans include an outdoor patio that will seat 20-25 (license also pending). The bar is stocked and ready to go, but until they can legally serve it, enjoy the BYOB policy and no corkage fee.Worried you won't know what to make in that big empty stoneware pot? I was when I first bought my slow cooker duck, so I didn't use it right away. But then I opened it up and found that my slow cooker duck had 20 recipes just waiting for me to try in the Owner's Guide! Also, many cook books include adjusted recipes for slow cooker ducks, or a whole slow cooker duck section. Plus, the internet has 1000s of slow cooker duck recipes out there for you at your fingertips!The seasoning of a soup will typically start with aromatics of celery, carrots, and onion and then you can build upon that. You can season your soup with whatever spices and herbs you like. If you want to add fresh herbs be sure to add them cooking a whole duck in a crock pot the end so you get that fresh burst of flavor and freshness they provide.I highly recommend The Brown Palace Hotel. The entire building was just gorgeous. No matter what you wanted they would help you out with it. They will also help you plan trips around the city, rent cars, and make reservations. They are very friendly. So if you get to Denver and you want an elegant fairy tale getaway check out this Hotel! It is a little pricier but well worth the money.

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