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Skiing in retirement
31st Oct 2014 - 3rd Nov 2014 - Skiing in Africa 2014
News from Abyssinia

Day 3 in Ethiopia, having had a 24 hour stop-over in Nairobi.  This was not part of the original plan. Long story short - our connecting flight from Madagascar was cancelled so we re-negotiated our itinerary with Air Mad.  To ensure we did not miss our connection, this meant an upgrade to Business Class on Air Kenya and overnight accomm. in Nairobi.

We used our time in Kenya to visit the Karen Blixen Museum before being returned to airport for on-ward to Addis.

A day at leisure in Addis, so self-guided walking tour of the city and main tourist sites: a church and a museum.  Addis is not a place to stay long in: its largely a building site.  However, we survived on our own and found a 'traditional' Ethiopian restaurant near our hostel (Mr Martin's Cozy Place) for our first tast of injeera - though were not especially taken with it.

Many travellers tales were told in the hostel of pickpocketings and muggings, so was with some relief that we joined the rest of our group.  We have this morning flown from Addis to the city of Gondar, from where I send this message - but because its at in internet cafe, there are no photos to share.  But there will be!

Tomorrow we drive into the mountains and then we will be on trek for 6 days.


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Diary Photos
31st Oct 2014  Karen Blixen's house
"I had a farm in Africa...."

31st Oct 2014  Karen Blixen Museum, Nairobi
" the foot of the Ngong Hills" (in the background)

31st Oct 2014  Charcoal in Nairobi
Hazz, this one's for you

2nd Nov 2014  National Museum, Addis
This is where the famous skeleton "Lucy" lives. Some of our group on the right. We had 5 minutes before being thrown out due to imminent visit of the Irish President

2nd Nov 2014  Gondar
View from hotel

3rd Nov 2014  Gonder; Goha Hotel
With panoramic view

3rd Nov 2014  Gondar - Royal Compound
Established by King Fasilidas in 1635 and built during the 17th and 18th centuries. Capital of Ethiopia until 1855

3rd Nov 2014  Gondar
Street corner

3rd Nov 2014  Summer palace?, Gondar
Built by Fasilidas. Now plays a central part in the annual Timkat Festival, ጥምቀት which means "baptism" in Amharic with thousands of celebrants marking the baptism of Jesus in the Jordan River. During the ceremonies the Tabot, a model of the Ark of the Covenant, which is found in every Ethiopian church is wrapped in rich cloth and borne in procession on the head of the priest. Donald Levine describes a typical celebration of the early 1960s thus: "By noon on Timqat Day a large crowd has assembled at the ritual site, those who went home for a little sleep having returned, and the holy ark is escorted back to its church in colourful procession. The clergy, bearing robes and umbrellas of many hues, perform rollicking dances and songs; the elders march solemnly with their weapons, attended by middle-ages men singing a long-drawn, low-pitched haaa hooo; and the children run about with sticks and games. Dressed up in their finest, the women chatter excitedly on their one real day of freedom in the year. The young braves leap up and down in spirited dances, tirelessly repeating rhythmic songs. When the holy ark has been safely restored to its dwelling-place, everyone goes home for feasting"
Diary Movies

Business Class

Addis street

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