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Skiing in retirement
16th May 2018 - North American Epic 2018
Prepare for departure on The North American Epic

Lots of preparation going on since last Christmas. House to refurb and rent, stuff to dispose or store, administration to sort.  Too much to do, not enough time to do it.........

The intended tour starts in Anchorage, Alaska on 6th June (D Day), then heads east and south into the Yukon, then back into Alaska to Haines. From there by ferry to Prince Rupert (British Columbia) with a stop-over at Sitka in early July for a few days sea-kayaking - or sitting in a cabin, depending on the weather.

From Prince Rupert we must go east towards the Rocky Mountains. We intend to cycle the Icefields Parkway south towards Banff and keep going south till we hit the border with USA in late summer. Steadily south from there through Glacier National Park, heading for Yellowstone in early fall (I think they call it) which should be after the holiday-makers have gone home.

Across the deserts via Moab, we hope to make it to the Grand Canyon by the middle of October, which is when the campgrounds start to close for the winter.  From there to the border with Mexico: either Yuma (to get there by 15.10) or Mexicali.

Through Mexico along the Sea of Cortez in November with a chance for more kayaking before crossing to the mainland from La Paz to Mazatlan.  From there we don't know......... It all depends on what we find out about route and destination options and travel issues when we get closer. Anyway, possible stop-overs in Mexico include Oaxaca around Christmas time, but in all probability avoiding Mexico City. 

Maybe we will head for Cancun for the winter sun in 2019.....or maybe we will avoid the Yucatan altogether and head south through Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, to Panama. At which point we will propably need to decide whether to fly back to the UK........or somewhere else.

We will have a bike each, a tent and sleeping stuff; also cooking and misc. camping kit, lots of bike tools. Bear spray, a kindle for Debs, a few clothes. Not much else. We have been warned to beware of bears, mosquitoes and bugs, orcas and whales, rabid coyotes, wolves, moose, bison, rattlesnakes, scorpions, tarantulas. Noone has mentioned Mexican drug cartels.

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Diary Photos
16th May 2018  Bank holiday bootfair
Hard even to give stuff away: probably says quite a lot about our stuff

16th May 2018  Danger man at work
Well at least the house looks nice

16th May 2018  Cycle touring is so exciting
Every cycle tour seems to involve a lot of sifting and sorting that has nothing to do with cycling

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