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Kirsty (21st Mar 2006)
Back to the grind
Well it's all over now and today was my first day back at work. I'd be lying if I said I enjoyed it but life goes on Thanks for all your messages it was really good to read them while I was away and I'll continue to use this site for future trips.

Jono - would sincerely like to jack the job and travel the world but not sure about starting in Bolivia. Would be quite happy seeing a bit more of NZ tho. We'll see .....
Dei (12th Mar 2006)
Getting there.......
Sounds like you are having a fab time, and the photos are great!! you're not missing much back heere in old blighty, horrible cold weather (perfect for my marathon training tho!!!), enjoy your last week out there, and don't forget to celebrate St Patricks day for me, Kiwi-style!!!
Lois and Hugh (9th Mar 2006)
Great to read your diary
Have really enjoyed reading of your adventures. Continue to have a great time, and take care!
Jono (7th Mar 2006)
Keep on going....
Jack the job in mate - keep going east and meet me in Bolivia next week...........!! Enjoyed the journals, they´re almost as good as mine even!
Bro (7th Mar 2006)
Ha, ha
The tiled toilets of where? Wow - you only go to the best places!!!

Glad to know the locals dont smell you coming now you've had a bath at last... I'm off to San Diego on Sat for a week so may miss your next update. Have fun and keep us posted and lots more pictures please
Sammy durno (5th Mar 2006)
Sorry took so long
Hey my darling, took ages for me to sort out how to get to your diary. Sorry i am a complete loss with computers! The first photo i saw on your diary was of Rob, Tina and Stef. I am now in desperate need of a stiff Gin as I am welling up at the sight of them. God I miss them so. You by the way sound and look like your having a ball. I am jealous, didnt think i would be but i am. I love you babe and I think you should do the sky dive! I am definitely going to do one up at our local air field ( this year, hopefully would have done it last year but being preggars got in the way again!) I hope you havent forgotten I want to come down to London to see you for my birthday for some retail therapy. ( no kids! bargain) Now i know how to get to your diary i will check in on you soon. love Sammy
Mel (2nd Mar 2006)
Sounds soooo good!
Looks like lots of fun, too. It is so cold here, your photos are making me envious. Glad you're having fun.
Bro (28th Feb 2006)
Good pictures...
Wow - that looks like a load of fun! The pictures look good - I like the sail shot and you got a great capture of the dolphin breaching. I'd love a go at that halliard jumping - it looks like a wild ride! Everybody says hi.
Bro (25th Feb 2006)
Glad you're enjoying yourself...
Glad to hear all is well and sounds like you're having fun, so keep us up to date, enjoy yourself and most of all - KEEP SAFE!

Looking forward to all the pictures to go with the commentary.
Tina, Robbie, Steph (25th Feb 2006)
Great to see you!
Kisty, It was soooo good to see you, it did bring a tear to the eye seeing a friend from UK, first one too!! Would love to see you at the tail end of your trip will understand if it's not possible. Have a fantastic time, can't wait to hear all your stories. Lots of love, us xxxx