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La vuelta al mundo en 477 días
This is the map of my trip. The red lines show my journey so far, and the dotted lines show my future route. Move your mouse over a larger dot and you can see the name of the stop and date of my arrival. Click a place on the right to change your view. You can see all my stops under the map. World  Africa  Asia  Australasia  C.America  Caribbean  Europe  India  N.America  S.America  S.East Asia  United Kingdom 

166 Stops
4th Oct 2009    Madrid Spain
3rd Oct 2009    Barcelona Spain
1st Oct 2009    Buenos Aires Argentina
7th Sep 2009    Bogotá Colombia
6th Sep 2009    New York USA
5th Sep 2009    Washington USA
4th Sep 2009    Philadelphia USA
28th Aug 2009    New York USA
13th Aug 2009    Bogotá Colombia
11th Aug 2009    Santa Cruz Bolivia
9th Aug 2009    Sucre Bolivia
8th Aug 2009    Potosi Bolivia
6th Aug 2009    La Paz Bolivia
4th Aug 2009    Lake Titicaca Peru
3rd Aug 2009    Puno Peru
1st Aug 2009    Arequipa Peru
31st Jul 2009    Machu Picchu Peru
29th Jul 2009    Aguas Calientes Peru
28th Jul 2009    Ollantaytambo Peru
24th Jul 2009    Cusco Peru
23rd Jul 2009    Puquio Peru
22nd Jul 2009    Nazca Peru
21st Jul 2009    Ica Peru
19th Jul 2009    Lima Peru
17th Jul 2009    Huaraz Peru
14th Jul 2009    Trujillo Peru
13th Jul 2009    Chiclayo Peru
11th Jul 2009    Máncora Peru
8th Jul 2009    Cuenca Ecuador
7th Jul 2009    Riobamba Ecuador
4th Jul 2009    Baños Ecuador
3rd Jul 2009    Latacunga Ecuador
2nd Jul 2009    Cotopaxi Ecuador
1st Jul 2009    Latacunga Ecuador
28th Jun 2009    Quito Ecuador
27th Jun 2009    Otavalo Ecuador
26th Jun 2009    Tulcán Ecuador
23rd Jun 2009    Ipiales Colombia
20th Jun 2009    Pasto Colombia
18th Jun 2009    Popayán Colombia
13th Jun 2009    Bogotá Colombia
12th Jun 2009    Zipaquirá Colombia
9th Jun 2009    Boyaca Colombia
30th May 2009    Bogotá Colombia
28th May 2009    Medellín Colombia
24th May 2009    Cartagena Colombia
19th May 2009    Riohacha Colombia
17th May 2009    Bogota Colombia
14th May 2009    Cartagena Colombia
10th May 2009    Naranjos Colombia
7th May 2009    Ciudad Perdida Colombia
5th May 2009    Naranjos Colombia
1st May 2009    Ciudad Perdida Colombia
27th Apr 2009    Cartagena Colombia
16th Apr 2009    Hawaii USA
6th Apr 2009    Samoa American Samoa
31st Mar 2009    Nuku Tonga
30th Mar 2009    Nandi Fiji
27th Mar 2009    Waya Island Fiji
25th Mar 2009    Pacific Harbour Fiji
24th Mar 2009    Nandi Fiji
23rd Mar 2009    Auckland New Zealand
20th Mar 2009    Ninety Mile Beach New Zealand
19th Mar 2009    Auckland New Zealand
18th Mar 2009    Rotorua New Zealand
16th Mar 2009    Wellington New Zealand
14th Mar 2009    BLENHEIM New Zealand
12th Mar 2009    Picton New Zealand
10th Mar 2009    Nelson New Zealand
8th Mar 2009    Franz Josef Glacier New Zealand
6th Mar 2009    Mount Cook National Park New Zealand
5th Mar 2009    Milford Sound New Zealand
3rd Mar 2009    Queenstown New Zealand
28th Feb 2009    Dunedin New Zealand
25th Feb 2009    Christchurch New Zealand
18th Feb 2009    Melbourne Australia
14th Feb 2009    Alice Springs Australia
13th Feb 2009    Melbourne Australia
12th Feb 2009    Canberra Australia
11th Feb 2009    Blue Mountains Australia
7th Feb 2009    Sydney Australia
6th Feb 2009    Summerland Point Australia
3rd Feb 2009    Byron Bay Australia
29th Jan 2009    Brisbane Australia
27th Jan 2009    Noosa Heads Australia
24th Jan 2009    Fraser Island Australia
23rd Jan 2009    Hervey Bay Australia
20th Jan 2009    Whitsunday Group Australia
19th Jan 2009    Airlie Beach Australia
17th Jan 2009    Magnetic Island Australia
16th Jan 2009    Cape Tribulation Australia
7th Jan 2009    Cairns Australia
5th Jan 2009    Port Moresby Papua New Guinea
31st Dec 2008    Tari District Papua New Guinea
30th Dec 2008    Mount Hagen Papua New Guinea
27th Dec 2008    Gia Papua New Guinea
24th Dec 2008    Mount Hagen Papua New Guinea
22nd Dec 2008    Minj Papua New Guinea
19th Dec 2008    Goroka Papua New Guinea
17th Dec 2008    Madang Papua New Guinea
16th Dec 2008    Port Moresby Papua New Guinea
13th Dec 2008    Singapore Singapore
10th Dec 2008    Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
9th Dec 2008    Malacca Malaysia
8th Dec 2008    Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
4th Dec 2008    Penang Malaysia
25th Nov 2008    Phi Phi Islands Thailand
22nd Nov 2008    Phuket Thailand
16th Nov 2008    Bangkok Thailand
14th Nov 2008    Angkor Wat Cambodia
13th Nov 2008    Siem Reap Cambodia
12th Nov 2008    Phnom Penh Cambodia
11th Nov 2008    Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam
2nd Nov 2008    Nha Trang Vietnam
30th Oct 2008    Sa Pá Vietnam
28th Oct 2008    Halong Bay Vietnam
26th Oct 2008    Hanoi Vietnam
21st Oct 2008    Hong Kong Hong Kong
20th Oct 2008    Macao Macau
18th Oct 2008    Hong Kong Hong Kong
14th Oct 2008    Osaka Japan
10th Oct 2008    Okinawa Japan
9th Oct 2008    Osaka Japan
8th Oct 2008    Busan Korea (South)
4th Oct 2008    Seoul Korea (South)
3rd Oct 2008    South Korea Haeinsa Temple Korea (South)
1st Oct 2008    Busan Korea (South)
30th Sep 2008    Osaka Japan
26th Sep 2008    Tokyo Japan
22nd Sep 2008    Osaka Japan
21st Sep 2008    Hiroshima Japan
21st Sep 2008    Usuki Japan
20th Sep 2008    Beppu Japan
18th Sep 2008    Aso-san Japan
17th Sep 2008    Nagasaki Japan
16th Sep 2008    Fukuoka Japan
15th Sep 2008    Hiroshima Japan
10th Sep 2008    Osaka Japan
5th Sep 2008    Kathmandu Nepal
4th Sep 2008    Paro Bhutan
3rd Sep 2008    Punakha Dzongkhag Bhutan
1st Sep 2008    Bumthang Dzongkhag Bhutan
31st Aug 2008    Thimphu Bhutan
28th Aug 2008    Paro Bhutan
19th Aug 2008    Kathmandu Nepal
17th Aug 2008    Pokhara Nepal
15th Aug 2008    Chitawan Nepal
1st Aug 2008    Kathmandu Nepal
29th Jul 2008    Tanakpur India
28th Jul 2008    Dehradun, Uttarakhand India
21st Jul 2008    Manāli India
18th Jul 2008    Varanasi India
15th Jul 2008    Agra India
13th Jul 2008    Udaipur India
12th Jul 2008    Pushkar India
10th Jul 2008    Jaipur India
10th Jul 2008    Chandigarh, Chandigarh India
8th Jul 2008    Amritsar, Punjab India
5th Jul 2008    New Delhi India
5th Jul 2008    Chennai India
1st Jul 2008    Pondicherry India
25th Jun 2008    Bangalore India
21st Jun 2008    Goa India
17th Jun 2008    Mumbai India
16th Jun 2008    London United Kingdom
15th Jun 2008    Madrid Spain