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Pamela & Nick are travelling..
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Carol & Geoff (23rd Jan 2012)
Welcome home
Hi you two, thanks so much for your blog. Looks like you had a great time. Hope you enjoyed your 2nd Christmas and are nearly back to UK life! How lovely to spend your last days with Char and John, I hope they enjoyed it as much as you guys. Hopefully we will see you in the non too distant future! I understand your love of Thailand and Bangkok, we loved our time there too. Catch up again very soon.Much love Carol XX
Pamela (21st Jan 2012)
One more to come!
Thanks Elaine! Don't worry Nick will write one more post very soon and then we're done! Unless I write a 31 Park Rd blog... Sure that will be just as adventurous!
Elaine (joeys mum) (20th Jan 2012)
Last Blog
Just caught up on the final blog. Very sad but what a fabulous time you both have had, we bloggers have thoroughly enjoyed every report and pic and followed your wonderful holiday as if we were with you. Hoping No 1 xmas was good, and No 2 will be equally as enjoyable. Sorry our weather is so awful but you will soon get used to it again. Til the next time. xxxx
Mam (19th Jan 2012)
Lovely you are back safley - now Santa is coming this weekend so hurry home!! xx
Pamela (19th Jan 2012)
Thanks for all the nice comments everyone - we are feeling weird being back and I am now wearing thick socks and a cardi - feeling the cold! Looking forward to seeing you all. Thanks for being good blog reading friends!
Joey (17th Jan 2012)
Who spells it Lewey?!

Luis (12th Jan 2012)
I'll see you when you get there / here...
Alright chap and chappess,

Just had a good catch up on the blog (thought it best I catch up the last 4 weeks or so before you get back, then I don't need to listen to Ratty going on about the Toyota Camry, Nissan Sunny etc. and then saying that none of them compare to Alan or NGR)... only joking! It's been really good to here about your last leg of travels.

Hope you both enjoy you last week or so in Thailand and make sure you get a bike out again... and get a massage... I want to go back!

Look forward to seeing you both when you get to Bristol (hence the odd title of this message)

Oh... and happy Xmas and New Year!

Lots of love

Luis / Lewey / Lewy / Louis / Paul
Sue & Dave (12th Jan 2012)
Now there are 4
Hi you 4 Have a great time together..... bet you were all excited to see each other. See you soon love to you all XXXX
Joey (12th Jan 2012)
Hi Ratmanscoop and Lulaberry
Thought I should leave you one last message, I can't believe how soon you will be home and back with us. Our house is a very big mess right now so please don't hurry too much!
I just thought that I would remind you that even though you are sad that you are coming home soon, I am currently in work, so its not that bad!!
Enjoy the last of your travels and your time back here with the family, and see you very soon xxx
Elaine (joeys mum) (7th Jan 2012)
Happy New Year
Hello you two, Happy New Year to you both. Just decided to have a look at your diary as I havent read it for ages and then I just couldnt stop and have finally caught up with your travels. Still fabulous blogs, all the detail never fails to amaze me, and I like reading one report, and then the other writes on the same subject and it just seems slightly different!!! Enjoyed you both writing about your skydive sounded wonderful well done Pamela you will always be very pleased you made that snap decision. Looking forward to the final few blogs hope you have now met up with nicks family and enjoying the last of the trip together. Safe journey home, and enjoy your 2nd Christmas up North, lovely to read your mums left the tree up for you, and then back to reality at No. 31 Park Road!! Bet you cant wait. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx