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The Soutpiel Safari
335 Diary Entries
17th Aug 2018Maine Rally Thursday
12th Aug 2018Maine sailing 2018
7th Aug 2018Sailing again!
3rd Jul 20182017/2018 to date
2nd Jul 2018Long time adrift!
12th May 2017Day 12 - 14, Bergen
11th May 2017Day 11, Trondheim to Alesund
10th May 2017Day 10, Bodo to Rovik
9th May 2017Day 9 Tromso to Stramsund
8th May 2017Day 8 Mehamn to Tromso
6th May 2017Days Six and Seven
5th May 2017May 5th, Dog Sledding
4th May 20173/4th May, Rorvik to Svolvaer (Lofoten)
2nd May 2017Bergen to Trondheim
1st May 2017Monday 1st, Hurtigruten
1st May 2017Hurtigruten - another way to travel!
4th Sep 2016The End of an Era?
29th Aug 2016Almost Season's End
25th Aug 2016Back in the UK again, 27 Months Later
22nd Aug 2016Cuxhaven to Ipswich
18th Aug 2016Full Circle in Three Years!
16th Aug 2016All Before Breakfast!
11th Aug 2016On the Move Again
7th Aug 2016Time to break out?
5th Aug 2016Full Circle!
26th Jul 2016Stavanger, Norway
20th Jul 2016South and West Coast of Norway
15th Jul 2016All Alone!
11th Jul 2016Fredrikstad, and end of Connor's trip!
8th Jul 2016Gotenberg Northwards
4th Jul 2016End of the Canals!
2nd Jul 2016Sat-Sun - Downhill Now!
28th Jun 2016Tues-Fri - Always Going UP!
22nd Jun 2016First Few Days with Crew
21st Jun 2016Mem, and the start of the Gota Canal
18th Jun 2016Soviken to Lundarna/Arkobaken Bak and then to Kareholm
17th Jun 2016Day 2 Sailing - Soviken
14th Jun 2016First Day's Summer Sailing in Sweden
10th Jun 2016Suni Carlsson, Saltsjobaden
8th Jun 2016Suni Carlsson Boat Yard, Stockholm
3rd Jun 2016Kiel-Bergen-Stockholm
1st Jun 20162016 Summer Sailing Season!
28th Jul 2015Murphy's Law!
20th Jul 2015Sweden Two
9th Jul 2015Sweden!
5th Jul 2015Marienhamn
1st Jul 2015Bomarsund
27th Jun 201527-30 June, Baro, Kokar, Kallskar
23rd Jun 2015Näsby, Lappo and Bäro
20th Jun 2015Summer on the way?? Nagu to Aspo to Noto
17th Jun 2015Mid-Summer in Finland Nagu/Nauvo
15th Jun 2015Mellandalet to Nauvo/Nagu
13th Jun 2015Tom & Nana Tigerstedt's haven
12th Jun 2015Hanko
10th Jun 2015On to Hanko
8th Jun 2015Heading West 8-9thJune
4th Jun 2015Time-out at NJK, Blekholmen
3rd Jun 2015NJK, Blekholmen, Helsinki
30th May 2015June 1st, and our first day's sail!
8th May 2015Back afloat!
5th May 2015Midsummer May!
6th Mar 2015Apologies for spam!!
30th Nov 2014Midsummer May!
6th Aug 2014Hauling out, M-Yachts, Loviisa Finland
1st Aug 2014Decision made, mast out!
26th Jul 2014Decisions, decisions!
22nd Jul 2014Finnish Islands
14th Jul 20146 - 18th July 2014
11th Jul 2014St Petersburg
3rd Jul 2014First days in St Petersburg
30th Jun 2014NJK, Helsinki
29th Jun 2014On Falcon's Wings
28th Jun 2014Tallin to Helsinki
24th Jun 2014Estonia, a very interesting country
21st Jun 2014Estonia, islands and shallows!
20th Jun 2014Another Day in Riga
20th Jun 2014Catching up with others
19th Jun 2014A day in Riga
18th Jun 2014En route to Riga
14th Jun 2014Day trip to the Curonian Lagoon
13th Jun 2014Gdansk to Klaipeda (Poland to Lithuania)
9th Jun 2014Gdansk, old city
5th Jun 2014Poland, 9th June 2014
4th Jun 2014Boknis on the Schlei
13th May 2014Tring and back
2nd Oct 2013Putting it all back together!
1st Oct 2013When do we retire??
9th Sep 2013Back in the UK - cold, wet and windy!
1st Sep 2013Toddling Around in England
14th Aug 2013Fireworks and Fastnet
13th Aug 2013Cheaper to stay mid-Atlantic!
11th Aug 2013Arrived!
7th Aug 2013The Scillies
5th Aug 2013Of to the Scillies
2nd Aug 2013Irish gatherings
27th Jul 2013Fallen in love!
26th Jul 2013Life after Landfall
25th Jul 2013Weds 24th: Landfall in Schull, Ireland
24th Jul 2013Arrived!
24th Jul 2013Azores to Ireland - Day 9
23rd Jul 2013Azores to Ireland - Day 8
23rd Jul 2013Tues, 23rd - Cruising Along
22nd Jul 2013Azores to Ireland - Day 7
21st Jul 2013Azores to Ireland - Day 6
21st Jul 2013Sun 21st: Benefits of Motoring
20th Jul 2013Azores to Ireland - Day 5
20th Jul 2013Sat 20th - Wind's Dying
19th Jul 2013Azores to Ireland - Day 4
18th Jul 2013Azores to Ireland - Day 3
18th Jul 2013Weds 17th: A Consonant's Difference
17th Jul 2013Azores to Ireland - Day 2
17th Jul 2013First Night Out, Tues Morning
16th Jul 2013Azores to Ireland - Day 1
16th Jul 2013We're off - bound for Kinsale!
13th Jul 2013Festivals and re provisioning
12th Jul 2013Last leg
10th Jul 2013Success and Failure
9th Jul 2013Praia da Vittoria Terceira
8th Jul 2013Sao Jorge, welcome to Paradise!
7th Jul 2013Bull running and shearwaters
5th Jul 2013Horta
4th Jul 2013Jobs and responsibilities
1st Jul 2013Another world
1st Jul 2013Horta (John)
1st Jul 2013In the Big City
30th Jun 2013Jailbreak!
30th Jun 2013Flores to Horta, Faial (John)
30th Jun 2013Flores, Thursday to Sunday
29th Jun 2013Flores (Editor's Note)
27th Jun 2013Lajes, Flores (John)
27th Jun 2013Made Landfall!
26th Jun 2013More for Wednesday! (Thurs AM)
26th Jun 2013John's Report - Day 12
26th Jun 2013Needle in a Haystack
25th Jun 2013The Walrus Said
24th Jun 2013John's Report - Day 10
24th Jun 2013The Are We There Yet Blues
23rd Jun 2013Sun - It's the journey that matters
22nd Jun 2013Wind Beneath our Wings
21st Jun 2013Ups and Downs
20th Jun 2013Chameleons
19th Jun 2013Galloping Horses
18th Jun 2013What a Difference a Day Makes!
18th Jun 2013John's Reports from Day 1, 2, and 3
18th Jun 2013Life on the Ocean Wave
17th Jun 2013Second Day at Sea
15th Jun 2013On our way!
14th Jun 2013UHT and all that jazz
13th Jun 2013Another day
12th Jun 2013Confined to barracks!
10th Jun 2013First sail - all of 45nm
9th Jun 2013OCC Party - Young Island, Mahone Bay
8th Jun 2013Stuck in time
7th Jun 2013Decision Time!
27th May 2013Always something else on the list!
22nd May 2013Cold, wet, but a home from home
10th May 2013A new start - a new adventure
3rd Dec 2012Wild Life and A Social Scene
30th Nov 2012Bad at posting lately!
10th Jul 2012Maine = lobsters/pots
29th Jun 2012On the move!
28th Jun 2012Beware what you wish for!
22nd Mar 2012Catching up once again!!
20th Feb 2012Sunny South Africa to chilly UK!
25th Dec 2011Too much to do, not enuff time!
15th Dec 2011A well-earned break at last!
5th Dec 2011One step forward, two backwards!
1st Dec 2011Same old, same old
20th Nov 2011Halfway!
12th Nov 2011A Weak Week
5th Nov 2011Back in Broedies
17th Sep 2011Picking up the pieces
15th Aug 2011Another year, another hurricane!
2nd Aug 2011Elderly parents
29th Jul 2011St Pierre to Taylor Bay, Great Bay de L'Eau
27th Jul 2011Grand Banks, Newfoundland to St Pierre, France
15th Jul 2011All the way to Grand Banks
11th Jul 2011Port aux Basques to Burgeo
8th Jul 2011Port aux Basques, Newfoundland - WOW!
1st Jul 2011Canada Day and 4th July!
27th Jun 2011Sambro to St Peter's Marina, Bras D'Or Lakes
14th Jun 2011Gold River Marina to Sambro Harbour
2nd Apr 2011Day 149 Huggy's Home!
1st Apr 2011Day 148 Tandile Broederstroom, 563kms
31st Mar 2011Day 147 Red Sands campsite, near Kuruman 379kms S27 30'392 E023 18'213
25th Mar 2011Day 141-146 from Hobas, Namibia to Augrabies, S.Africa 924kms
24th Mar 2011Day 140 Canon Roadhouse Camp, near Hobas 83kms
23rd Mar 2011Day 139 Lorensia Camping, D608 K'manshoop to Grunau 123kms
22nd Mar 2011Day 138 Quivertree Camp, Keetmanshoop 162kms
21st Mar 2011Day 137 to Quiver Tree Forest, Keetmanshoop 552kms
20th Mar 2011Day 136 TransKalahari Inn, Windhoek
17th Mar 2011Johannesburg
15th Mar 2011Apologies if we worried you all!
13th Mar 2011Day 129 Johannesburg!
13th Mar 2011Correction to preparation blog!
12th Mar 2011Day 128 bushcamp near Ambriz, Angola 398kms S07 46'929
11th Mar 2011Day 127 to Sonogololo, border DRC/Angola 222kms
11th Mar 2011Day 126 to Boma, Democratic Rep Congo(DRC) 154kms
9th Mar 2011Day 125 to Catholic Mission, Cabinda 103kms S05 33’736 E012 10’679
8th Mar 2011Day 123/124 7/8 Mar stuck in NoMansLand, between Congo & Cabinda 37kms
6th Mar 2011Day 122 the Yacht Club, Pointe Noire, Congo
5th Mar 2011Day 121 5 Mar to Ponte Noire, Congo 346kms
4th Mar 2011Day 120 Bushcamp near Nyanga, Congo 146kms
3rd Mar 2011Day 119 to bush camp 76kms from Congo border 247kms
1st Mar 2011Day 117 to Mission Souers l'mmaculee Conception, Lambarene 281kms
28th Feb 2011Day 116 to Mikongo & back, Lope Nat Park 96kms
27th Feb 2011Day 115 to E.Mbeyi, Lope Nat. Park, Gabon 293kms
26th Feb 2011Day 114 to rainforest camp, near Lalara, Gabon 302kms
25th Feb 2011Day 113 25 Feb to Reisdence Hoteliere Dumond, Ambam 291kms N02 23'130 E011 15'978
23rd Feb 2011Day 111 to Auberge Tara Plage, Kribi 134kms
22nd Feb 2011Day 110 to Hostellerie de Sanaga, Edea 194kms
22nd Feb 2011Day 109 Presby Mission, Yaounde - at your peril!
21st Feb 2011Day 108 Presbyterian Mission Campsite, Yaounde 387kms N03 52’188 E011 31’354
19th Feb 2011Day 106/7 Miramar Hotel campsite, Limbe 36kms N04 00'712 E009 12'001
18th Feb 2011Contacts
17th Feb 2011Day 105/106 Presby Synod, Buea
16th Feb 2011Day 104 Presby Camp, base Mt Cameroon
15th Feb 2011Day 103 to Presbyterian Synod Campsite, Buea 175kms N04 09'692 E009 13'973
14th Feb 2011Day 102 to soccer field camp, Menyamen 159kms N05 12'769 E009 23'705
13th Feb 2011Day 101 to bush camp near border, Cameroon 118kms N05 49'023 E008 54'708
12th Feb 2011Day 100 12 Feb Afi Mountain Drill Ranch
11th Feb 2011Day 99 to Afi Mountain Drill Ranch 150kms N06 17'955 E008 59'884
11th Feb 2011Day 99 Report on Obudu Cattle Ranch
10th Feb 2011Day 98 274kms Obudu Cattle Ranch, Obudu N 06 27’666 E009 22’659
9th Feb 2011Day 97 to Dolphin Complex, Makurdi 296kms N07 45’163 E006 33’618
8th Feb 2011Day 96 behind dog kennels, Sheraton Abuja
6th Feb 2011Day 94/95 behind dog kennels, Sheraton, Abuja
5th Feb 2011Day 93 behind Sheraton Hotel, Abuja
4th Feb 2011Day 91/92 Sheraton dog kennels, Abuja
2nd Feb 2011Day 90 400kms amongst garbage cans & dog kennels, Sheraton Hotel, Abuja N09 03’745 E007 29’102
1st Feb 2011Day 89 Matthew's b'day 371kms VIP Colony Guest House, Jebba
31st Jan 2011Day 88 241kms Golf resort, Abeokuta, Nigeria N07 06’663 E003 22’127
30th Jan 2011Day 87 Chez Monique, Abomey approx 30kms on back of motorbike!
29th Jan 2011Day 86 Chez Monique, Abomey, Benin 224kms
28th Jan 2011Day 85 62kms Auberge Grand Popo, Benin N
27th Jan 2011Day 84 Chez Alice, Lome Togo 45kms by taxi
26th Jan 2011Day 83 Chez Alice, Lome 30kms by taxi
25th Jan 2011Day 82 to Chez Alice, Lome, Togo 264kms N06 10'087 E001 20'432
22nd Jan 2011Day 79/80/81 278kms to Green Turtle Lodge, Dixcove N04 45’507 W 002 01’257
21st Jan 2011Day 78 Max's place, Accra
20th Jan 2011Day 76/77 Max's place, Accra
18th Jan 2011Day 75 Always another disaster waiting in the wings!
17th Jan 2011Seven countires down, ten to go!
17th Jan 2011Day 74 0kms Max’s Place, Accra
16th Jan 2011Day 73 0kms Max’s place, Accra
15th Jan 2011Day 72 0kms Max’s place, Accra
15th Jan 2011Day 72 Accra, Ghana
14th Jan 2011Day 71 207kms to Accra, Ghana (Max Maxted’s place) N005 34’071 W00 11’263
13th Jan 2011Day 70 308kms Mountain Paradise, Biakpu N 06 51’054 E00 25’213
12th Jan 2011Day 69 357kms bush camp outside Yendi, Ghana N09 07’821 E00 00’454
11th Jan 2011Day 68 179kms bush camp outside Po, Burkina Faso N11 04’157 W001 07’750
10th Jan 2011Day 67 Le Karite Bleu, Ouagadougou
9th Jan 2011Day 66 to Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso 430kms N12 13'139 W001 29'415
8th Jan 2011Day 65 to Bandiagara 413kms
7th Jan 2011Day 64 to Tiboraghen 64kms
6th Jan 2011Day 63 to Tombouctou 54kms N16 46'911 W 003 00'837
5th Jan 2011Day 62 to Tenere campement, Tiboraghene 480kms south of Tombouctou N16 24’042 W002 53’952
2nd Jan 2011Day 61 Bandiagara Back from Dogon territory
1st Jan 2011Day 58 to Bandiagara, Mali
31st Dec 2010Day 57 to Mac's Refuge, Sevare 129kms N14 30'819 W004 05'987
30th Dec 2010Day 56 to Campement Houber, Djenne 350kms N13 44’449 W004 32’356
29th Dec 2010Day 55 to Delta Campement, Segou 267kms N13 26’246 W006 16’725
28th Dec 2010Day 54 The Runs! Sleeping Camel Bamako 0kms
27th Dec 2010Day 53 Swollen heads! Sleeping Camel, Bamako 0kms
26th Dec 2010Day 52 Sleeping Camel, Bamako 0kms
25th Dec 2010Day 51 Christmas Dinner, Sleeping Camel, Bamako Mali
25th Dec 2010Day 51 Sleeping Camel, Bamako Mali 0kms
24th Dec 2010Day 50 Sleeping Camel, Bamako 0kms
23rd Dec 2010Day 49 to Sleeping Camel, Bamako, Mali 436kms N12 37’525 W007 59’278
22nd Dec 2010Day 48 to Loisir, Mahine, Mali 306kms N13 47'342 W010 50'044
21st Dec 2010Day 47 to river camp Kidira, Senegal 380kms N14 25’835 W012 11’847
20th Dec 2010Day 46 to bush camp, Malome Hodar, near Kaolack, Senegal 312kms N14 04’041 W015 15’384
19th Dec 2010Day 45 Su-Nu-Gal beach, Dakar 0kms
18th Dec 2010Day 44 to Dakar 264kms N14 45’143 W017 30’154
17th Dec 2010Day 43 47kms Zebrabar, St Louis
16th Dec 2010Day 42 0kms Zebrabar, St Louis
15th Dec 2010Barb & Keith
15th Dec 2010Day 41 Zebrabar, St Louis
14th Dec 2010Day 40 to Zebrabar, St Louis Senegal 330kms
13th Dec 2010Day 39 Les Nomads, Nuoakchott 0kms
12th Dec 2010Day 38 to Nuoakchott 494kms
11th Dec 2010Day 37 camping chez abba, Nuoadhibhou, Mauritania 203kms
10th Dec 2010Day 36 beach camp, en route Mauritanian border 517kms N 22 23’599 W016 27’559
9th Dec 2010Day 35 to Sahara Line, Boujdour 493kms N26 07’922 N014 29’729
8th Dec 2010Day 34 TanTan Plage with the nomads! 0kms
7th Dec 2010Day 33 to Camp Sable D’Or, TanTan Plage 219kms N28 29’525 W011 20’254
7th Dec 2010Day 33
6th Dec 2010Day 32 to Solymer camp, Sidi Ifni 171kms N29 23.089 W010 10, 266
5th Dec 2010Day 31 to Camping Agadir, Atlantic coast 461kms N30 25'477 W009 36'484
4th Dec 2010Day 30 Les Jardins campsite, Zagora N19 30.75 W005 49.95
3rd Dec 2010Day 29 Les Jardins campsite, Zagora 132kms N30 19.75 W005 49.95
2nd Dec 2010Day 28 desert camp between Tafroud & Marabout 147kms
1st Dec 2010Day 27 Kasbah Yasmina, Erg Chebbi 198kms
30th Nov 2010Day 26 Hotel Tomboctou, Tinehir 0kms
29th Nov 2010Day 25 Tinehir 163kms
28th Nov 2010Day 24 dry river bed camp, Dades Gorge 310kms
27th Nov 2010Day 23 Source Bleue de Meski, near Ar-Rachidia 248kms
26th Nov 2010Day 22 rough camp between l'Oum and Itzer 127 kms
25th Nov 2010Day 21 rough camp outside L'Oum er Rbia 144kms
24th Nov 2010Day 20 Fes 0kms except by taxi 30 or so
23rd Nov 2010Day 19 pt2 Camping Int, Fes 267kms
23rd Nov 2010Day 19
22nd Nov 2010Day 18 Riad Alhambra, Harhoura Rabat 65kms
21st Nov 2010Day 17 Camp Gambusias, outside Rabat 228kms
20th Nov 2010Day 16 Zerhourna, Moulay Idriss 275 kms
19th Nov 2010Day 15 - still in room! Tetuoan
18th Nov 2010Day 14 Tetuoan hiding in room!!
18th Nov 2010Day 13 Tarifa to Tetuoan, Morocco Raining! 78kms
16th Nov 2010Day 12 Rio Jara campsite, Tarifa - Lay Day!
15th Nov 2010Day 11 Castellar de la Frontera to Tarifa 112kms
14th Nov 2010Christmas Card lists!!
14th Nov 2010Day 10 Castellar de la Frontera 1 km
13th Nov 2010Day 9 to Castellar de la Frontera 242 kms
12th Nov 2010Day 8 Alcaudete to Antequera 210kms
11th Nov 2010Day 7 Fuenta Obejano to Alcaudete, Andalusia 209kms
10th Nov 2010Day 6 Salamanca to Fuenta Obejuna, 447 kms
9th Nov 2010Day 5 cont: to Salamanca 373 kms
9th Nov 2010Day 5 Tudes
8th Nov 2010Day 3-4 Plymouth to Spain
6th Nov 2010Day 2 Newton Ferrers 380kms
5th Nov 2010Day 1 Sarratt 105 kms
4th Nov 2010A bit nerve-racking
3rd Nov 2010Two days to go!
1st Nov 2010Provisioning
31st Oct 2010Hi-and-bye street party!
29th Oct 2010Life's short
28th Oct 2010Preparation: Medical
27th Oct 2010Preparation: visas
26th Oct 2010Countdown
23rd Oct 2010Where's Huggy?
22nd Oct 2010The Vehicle
21st Oct 2010Soutpiel Safari - the background
20th Oct 2010Wild Wales experiment
20th Oct 2010Communication systems!
22nd Jun 2004First Few Days with Crew

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