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The Soutpiel Safari
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Roma Thompson (28th Oct 2013)
Good to hear from you
So good to get this update! I have actually been thinking of you but also been too ... (all your adjectives fit here) to follow up. Great news about your new abode. Enjoy. Hope to see you when you are hitting the SA sun! Lots of love. Roma
Cindy Bradette (16th Sep 2013)
Sunny in Southampton
Hi Jenny, Lovely to see the photo of you at the Southampton Boat Show - it looks like your booth brought its own sunshine. Great tee shirts. Hope you and John are well. Starting to feel like Autumn here. All the best Cindy
John Haynes (11th Aug 2013)
We are so happy that you arrived safely CONGRATULATIONS now enjoy

John & Susan
Cindy Bradette (30th Jul 2013)
Love the travel log
I do love checking your sight every day to see where you are and what you're up to, Jenny. I'm sure that you managed to recharge your batteries in Schull. It looks lovely! We have fog magic here today.
Roma Thompson (26th Jul 2013)
Hi All. Congratulations on a safe arrival. It has been absolutely fascinating following your daily travels but almost not even being able to imagine what you are going through. I have no knowledge of sailing at all but it sounds a very very tough deal, especially out on the ocean. I am all admiration. Thank you again. Looking forward to more travels with you (from the comfort and safety of my home and laptop) in the future. Where to now?
Cindy Bradette (25th Jul 2013)
Well done!
So very glad to hear of your safe arrival. Congratulations! Now for a well-earned celebration and rest! All the best from your friends at Gold River Marina.
The Bags (25th Jul 2013)
Welcome to Ireland
Great news - welcome to Ireland and have a nice day. Assume you'll be enjoying the odd Ceilidh. Watch out for the heavy hang-over after too much Guinness! Luv The Bags xxx
Chris&John Lytle (25th Jul 2013)
Many congratulations to you all on your safe arrival in Schull. Your last night sounded rather hairy. Looking forward to seeing you in the West Country sometime soon. Look out for Kokiri with young Ingrams aboard, they are planning to cross to Ireland nexr w/e (we think). Love C&J.
Frances (21st Jul 2013)
Hi there
Hope you have a more favourable wind and reach Ireland soon. Just back from Scottish Rally, a great success, although no wind but lors if sun.
The Bags (21st Jul 2013)
Thinking of you
Hi Shaheens, we feel for you right now. Azores to Blightey, in your case, Ireland is always the more difficult of the sectors and all the more annoying when yachts ahead of you by a few days make it in having had a great run. Cheer up, you're not missing much ashore. 2 weeks of sun and UK already considering water shortages, and Brits complaining of heat! Glad to know crew all getting along well. Maybe the leprachauns could pull a few strings for you with wind strength and direction - try rubbing the backstay as well. Luv The Bags xxx