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Tina & Donny Europe Japan 2018
This is the map of our trip. The red lines show our journey so far, and the dotted lines show our future route. Move your mouse over a larger dot and you can see the name of the stop and date of our arrival. Click a place on the right to change your view. You can see all our stops under the map. World  Africa  Asia  Australasia  C.America  Caribbean  Europe  India  N.America  S.America  S.East Asia  United Kingdom 

Europe & Japan 2018 - 0 Stops
Mumbo Italiano 2015 - 14 Stops
22nd Sep 2015    Positano, Campania Italy
18th Sep 2015    Capri, Campania Italy
17th Sep 2015    Palermo, Sicilia Italy
14th Sep 2015    Marsala, Sicilia Italy
12th Sep 2015    Agrigento, Sicilia Italy
11th Sep 2015    Syracuse, Sicily Italy
8th Sep 2015    Taormina, Sicilia Italy
6th Sep 2015    Matera, Basilicata Italy
5th Sep 2015    Monopoli, Puglia Italy
4th Sep 2015    Lecce, Puglia Italy
3rd Sep 2015    Alberobello, Puglia Italy
31st Aug 2015    Rome, Lazio Italy
31st Aug 2015    Central, , Hong Kong Island Hong Kong
30th Aug 2015    Melbourne, Victoria Australia
Tina and Don Europe 2014 - 23 Stops
19th Jul 2014    Melbourne, Victoria Australia
18th Jul 2014    Changi, Singapore
12th Jul 2014    Phuket Thailand
11th Jul 2014    Singapore Singapore
10th Jul 2014    Zurich Switzerland
9th Jul 2014    Egnach, Thurgau Switzerland
7th Jul 2014    Tirano, Lombardy Italy
5th Jul 2014    Romanshorn, Thurgau Switzerland
1st Jul 2014    Munich, Bavaria Germany
26th Jun 2014    Berlin Germany
21st Jun 2014    Paris, Île-de-France France
19th Jun 2014    Dijon, Burgundy France
18th Jun 2014    Colmar, Alsace France
16th Jun 2014    Strasbourg, Alsace France
16th Jun 2014    Fleury-devant-Douaumont, Lorraine France
15th Jun 2014    Épernay, Champagne-Ardenne France
14th Jun 2014    Paris, Île-de-France France
14th Jun 2014    Malpensa, , Lombardy Italy
5th Jun 2014    Bellagio, Lombardy Italy
5th Jun 2014    Milan, Lombardy Italy
31st May 2014    London United Kingdom
29th May 2014    Singapore Singapore
29th May 2014    Melbourne, Victoria Australia
Don and Tina Europe Wine Tour - 50 Stops
7th Jun 2013    Melbourne Australia
6th Jun 2013    Singapore Singapore
1st Jun 2013    Phuket Thailand
31st May 2013    Singapore Singapore
30th May 2013    Appenzell Switzerland
24th May 2013    Egnach Switzerland
24th May 2013    Basel Switzerland
22nd May 2013    Avignon France
22nd May 2013    Uzès France
21st May 2013    Marseillan France
21st May 2013    Pézenas France
20th May 2013    Montpellier France
19th May 2013    Marseillan France
19th May 2013    Béziers France
19th May 2013    Narbonne France
18th May 2013    Carcassonne France
18th May 2013    Toulouse France
18th May 2013    Palaminy France
17th May 2013    Lourdes France
17th May 2013    Pau France
16th May 2013    Bayonne France
15th May 2013    Saint-Émilion France
13th May 2013    Bordeaux France
11th May 2013    Paris France
11th May 2013    Chartres France
9th May 2013    Saint-Patrice France
8th May 2013    Saumur France
8th May 2013    Rennes France
6th May 2013    Saint-Malo France
6th May 2013    Le Havre France
5th May 2013    Caen France
5th May 2013    Omaha Beach
5th May 2013    Rouen France
4th May 2013    Paris France
2nd May 2013    Châlons-en-Champagne France
2nd May 2013    Épernay France
1st May 2013    Château-Thierry France
1st May 2013    Hautvillers France
30th Apr 2013    Épernay France
29th Apr 2013    Reims France
29th Apr 2013    Amiens France
29th Apr 2013    Lille France
29th Apr 2013    Kortrijk Belgium
28th Apr 2013    Ieper Belgium
27th Apr 2013    Brugge Belgium
26th Apr 2013    Antwerpen Belgium
26th Apr 2013    Rotterdam Netherlands
23rd Apr 2013    Amsterdam Netherlands
22nd Apr 2013    Singapore Singapore
22nd Apr 2013    Melbourne Australia
Don and Tina 2011 adventure - 19 Stops
6th Jun 2011    Melbourne Australia
4th Jun 2011    Los Angeles USA
4th Jun 2011    Vancouver Canada
28th May 2011    Whittier USA
26th May 2011    Denali National Preserve, Denali National Park, McKinley Park USA
25th May 2011    McKinley Park USA
24th May 2011    Anchorage USA
19th May 2011    Chicago USA
19th May 2011    Zürich District Switzerland
12th May 2011    Paris France
11th May 2011    Milan Italy
8th May 2011    Parco Nazionale delle Cinque Terre, Riomaggiore Italy
5th May 2011    Nice France
1st May 2011    Vienna Austria
29th Apr 2011    Prague Czech Republic
21st Apr 2011    St Gallen Switzerland
21st Apr 2011    Zürich District Switzerland
20th Apr 2011    Hong Kong Island Hong Kong
19th Apr 2011    Melbourne Australia