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You can use this site when travelling around the world to provide friends, and relatives with continuing information about your current whereabouts and what you have been up to. The following functionality is available:

Write details about your travels on a daily basis. The site will provide you with an update on how many people have read each of your entries.

Upload photos of your travels with a title and description. These photos will all be available in your own gallery. By setting a date for each shot, they will be included with your diary entries.

Show what you are really up to by uploading movie clips onto your site. Let your friends hear your voice again, and see you move!

Message Board
Visitors to your area can post messages to you and each other on your own board.

A map will plot your progress around the world using either dots or lines. You can set for the user to see your location in the whole world, or on smaller maps such as Europe. You can upload your current location to the site using GPS or by using the admin screens.

When you register you will receive access to a suite of admin pages. These pages can be accessed over the internet anywhere in the world. You can use them to upload your diaries, photos, and current location to keep everyone you know informed on one easy to use site. In addition, use these screens to make your site look more personal by updating the color schemes, title, site description and maps. You will receive a unique web address that will take your friends directly to YOUR home page.

To open your own account, just click on the link to the Registration Page. If you have any questions then please contact us for assistance.
Sign up your free travel blog today!