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16. How do I update my map with an SMS?
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How do I update my map with an SMS?

Updating your map via SMS is currently available to premium members. If you have upgraded your account then you should register your mobile phone with us in your members area by clicking on 'SMS Mapping' in the left hand menu.

Once you have setup your own mobile number, you will need to store the GetJealous update number in your phone: +447624802540. You can send a message to this number from anywhere in the world at your standard sms rate.

Insert a map stop
To plot a stop on your map, simply send the keyword map followed by the name of your location, a comma and your country name to +447624802540. This will be matched in our database of 5 million locations and will be plotted on your map. For example,

Send 'map Sydney, Australia' to +447624802540

It is important that you use the same country name as the one that we have in our system. You should use USA rather than United States of America! We recommend that you print out our full list of country names. If we are unable to match your location and/or country name then no stop will be plotted on your map.

Insert a GPS Stop
If you happen to know your gps location (maybe you are on a yacht in the middle of the pacific) then you can send the gps co-ordinates directly. The format for the message is the keyword gps following by the location name, a comma, the country name, a comma, and then the GPS Location (hh:mm:ssN/S, hh:mm:ssE/W). For example,

Send 'gps London, United Kingdom,29:04:16S, 15:13:10W' to +447624802540

Again, the country name is important, so print out the country names list before you go! If you are not in any country then you can send word none as the country name.