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1. How do I get photos to appear in a diary entry?
2. How can I upload photos more quickly?
3. How can I reorder photos in a diary entry?
4. Can I print the photos on my site?
5. Do I get all my photos if I buy a CD?
6. How can I put a photo on my home page?
7. Why doesn't the Image Uploader work in IE?
8. Why aren't my photos rotating?

9. How do I reduce the size of movie files?

Message Board
10. How do I delete a message from my site?
11. Who posted a message on my board?
12. Can I stop messages appearing on my site?

13. Why didn't my sms map update work?
14. How do I correct my map?
15. What country should I use when sending an SMS?
16. How do I update my map with an SMS?
17. Can I update my map, diary or photos by sms?
18. Why is my weather incorrect?

Email Alerts
19. Why do I not receive my email updates?
20. How can I send automatic alerts to my friends?
21. Who has signed up for my email alerts?
22. How can I stop email alerts being sent?

23. How can I revert back to a free account?
24. When will my account be deleted
25. What do your premium services cost?
26. How do I update my site offline?
27. Can I change my web site address?
28. What is my web address?
29. Can I get statistics on who has visited my site?
30. I did not receive my new password
31. I have forgotten my password!
32. Can I reset/clear my whole site?
33. How long does my site last for?
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I have forgotten my password!

In order to log into the members area, a password must be chosen when registering an account. This password will be mailed to you after registering, so see if you can find your welcome email if you can not remember it.

If you can not find a copy of your password, then there is a link on the members area login page for you to get a new password sent to your email. You will have to enter the same email address that you registered with, and a brand new random password will be generated, and sent to that email address.

We will only send new passwords to the email address that you used when you registered your account. Please do not ask us to send one to any other account since the answer has to be no for privacy reasons.

Some email providers (Hotmail for example) will identify our password email as being spam. Please check your Junk, Spam, or Deleted folders if your new password does not appear in your inbox.