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Why doesn't the Image Uploader work in IE?

There are a number of things that may stop the Image Uploader working in Internet Explorer. To check the most likely reasons, go to the image upload page, and follow these steps:

- Check if an information bar is appearing at the top of the page just above the getjealous logo. If it is, then click it and allow the Aurigma activex program to install

- Go to the Tools menu and select 'Internet Options' then select the Security Tab and Click 'Custom Level'. Scroll down to the section headed 'ActiveX Controls and Plug-ins' and make sure that they are enabled.

If the Image Uploader still doesn't work then please open a support ticket letting us know the version of Internet Explorer that you are using (Use the Tools menu option and press 'About'), and let us know exactly what is written on the screen.